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Three Steps to iPhone monitoring without Jailbreak that won’t harm your device

When it comes to exclusivity in tech, Apple is pretty much the leader. Heck, that is exactly what they bank out of the most— the exclusivity of it all rather than the innovation. Other phone companies may have done something before, but Apple comes along and does it better, and people buy it because not only is it so amazing to use, it is also like being part of a club. The Apple Club seem happy enough with their piece of technology and wait till new updates come along.

One thorn at their side that remains is the jailbreak. A Jailbreak is like a passport out of this exclusive club. It allows you to experience more apps, more services of other systems. These are otherwise not allowed by the software of your iPads and iPhones. When you jailbreak your phone, you meddle with the software and make it weaker. In doing so, you make it vulnerable to third party attacks such as malware and other viruses. You also meddle with the firewalls that keep fraudulent apps away for a jailbroken phone isn’t exactly the best at detecting privacy threats.

Parents who wish to monitor their kid’s iPhones and iPads then find themselves with a dilemma. On the one hand, they want to be modern parents that use all the latest in parenting apps to look after their kids better. On the contrary, they can’t risk security breaches in their devices by jailbreaking it. But there exists a simple solution to this problem that makes iPhone monitoring without jailbreak possible. And that’s in an app called XnSPY whereby they can monitor their kids’ Apple devices without having to compromise security or the software’s integrity.

Here are three steps to ensure your monitoring goes on uninterrupted, and you don’t cause any harm to your iPhones and iPads at the same time.

Step 1: Installing XNSPY

The first thing you’ve got to do is visit the XNspy website to download the app. Unfortunately, this cannot be done via the App Store (although you can get an app for the XNSPY Remote Control). To get the complete software with all its functionalities, you have to get it off the website. This is perhaps a more secure way of getting it anyway because you can make sure that you are getting it from the actual developer rather than a knock off.


You don’t need a membership fee for it either. All you’ve got to go to the Buy Now page and pick a version of the app you want. You can choose between Basic and Premium, with the latter being the more comprehensive bargain of the two. 

You can also choose between subscriptions (monthly, quarterly, and annually). The longer subscription you choose, the more discounts you get. Make sure you pick iPhone monitoring NoJailbreak option. Once you have made the purchase, you will receive an email. This will contain installation manuals and your account credentials. If you haven’t received an email after purchase within 24 hours, make sure you contact the customer support.

Step 2: Setting Up the iCloud

You’ve purchased the app. The next thing you’ve got to do is install it onto your child’s iPhone or iPad. To do this, you will have to have physical access to the device. Follow the steps as they have been given in the installation manual. This will include setting up the iCloud and making sure it is backing up data and connected with XNSPY at the same time. Make sure that all aspects of the phone that correspond to data backup have been checked. Now you move on to account set up.

Step 3: Activating Online Account

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When the app has been fully installed on the phone, you can move onto setting up your online XNSPY account. We suggest you do this on your laptops as it is easier to navigate than on a phone. In the email you received, you will see a set of username and password. Enter this and you will have activated your account. Now you’ll be asked to enter the Apple credentials of your child’s iPhone. Enter them in and you will now have connected their device with your online account.

From here on, you can conduct monitoring activities from the remote Control Panel. This means you won’t ever have to go through the hassle of going through their actual, physical phones again. You can just drop by your online account, and all the information will be there waiting for your watchful eyes.

Effortless Monitoring Without Harm

Just because you don’t wish to harm your phone, doesn’t mean your monitoring has to stop. iPhone monitoring without jailbreak is entirely possible if you know where to look. It won’t compromise your child’s phone security. In fact, it will make it more secure considering that it will connect it to you so you may always know what your kids are getting upto.

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