Steam went offline amid security flaws exposed users private information publicly

Steam, the popular digital distribution service of PC Game is after personal information of the users was exposed owing to security flaws. If you log into Steam, you will be greeted with account details of other users including credit card numbers, addresses, full names as well as the amount of funds there in the Steam Wallet.

While you cannot modify account details or make new purchases, the information can be used for compromising other services. Even though the website is Offline, you can access it through PC client. A discussion on Reddit states that this is due to the failure of cache server or due to misconfiguration.

A Redditor states that when Steam went down, an untested configuration might have got activated. There is a possibility that it might have been under heavy load, and all edge notes might have been reconfigured by the engineer on duty for aggressive caching.

Let us hope this gets fixed quickly this as this is a major leak. Account names and private Emails are being seen. Let us also hope that internal pages aren’t being delivered by their cache server.

As per a moderator, this problem has been identified, and a solution for the same is being worked upon. Further, it is added that the service isn’t hacked, and personal information isn’t visible to others since it is censored by law. It contradicts the reports of the community that states that user details can be viewed.

Even the support desk of Steam is offline. At such point of time, it is recommended to stay off Steam until silence on this matter is officially broken.

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