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Stay safe and healthy with online doctors apps

We all understand the beginning of 2020, has been very hectic and unpredictable with the inset of the COVID-19. It has been terrifying to see the number of people dying just out of single contact for say. It is an emergency period for everyone all across the world. People are being afraid to go out even if there is an emergency. Only for the most essential service and the daily needs are being able to move freely to reach out to people.

This lockdown and isolation period has been extremely difficult for most of us but some who have been affected very badly are the aged old people, pregnant women, and the new-born children. It has now become very important for such patients to go for regular routine check-ups which they have been posting for the past three months.

Even now, it is not safe to go outside especially in any social gathering, because the pandemic is really widespread. It easy very risky for the old people as well as the young ones to go out. Due to weather change and lack of work out, many people are facing many kinds of physical health issues, especially the ones who are diabetic, heart issues, etc.

How to Do Safe Check-Up?

Now during such pandemic time, one has to be safe and go out for the check-up. But how it is possible because when you step into public transport you will have the chance of getting contaminated. When you wait for the doctor in the chamber, you may not know and there might be some patients who are already COVID positive but they have not been tested.

Hence in order to be safe completely, one has to avoid going to any such places. So, when it is urgent that you need a doctor for your check-up then you can seek assistance from online doctors that is you can use the Doc’s App. There are various applications such as practo that bring together various doctors and you can get connected to the doctors through the application.

The best part about Doc’s app is you can pay the doctors online using bitcoin trader or any other online method of payment.

How to take an Appointment of a Doctor?

Well, it takes nothing to take the appointment of a doctor, although there are various applications the procedure is mostly the same. We will give you the most common method of booking a doctor, using any application.

Step 1 – Look for the kind of treatment you want, say “stomach ache”

Step 2 – The application will show you the name and the fees of the doctor

Step 3 – If you are satisfied with the fees then it will present you the slots to see the doctor. You can also choose a slot of your choice if at all it is free to use.

Step 4 – Then you will have to pay the payment of the fees

Step 5 – You will get either a call or a notification to be online on your appointed slot timing.

Step 6 – Then either you are connected to the doctor through any video call or through chat

This is how you can get your treatment done at home; all you need to do it just download any doc’s application. But before you download any application you must read the review properly. Once you tell the doctor about all the problems you have, he will guide you with medicines and how and when you can have them. Some of the applications also have the facility to send you a soft copy of the prescription.

Hence during such an emergency period, you can just stay at home and do your routine check-up as much as possible through the help of a doctor, apart from that you can also contact your regular physician and ask him for some time to be online and treat you through a video call.

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