Starfield’s 2024 Update: Graphics Boost, Quest Fixes, and More

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Bethesda Game Studios is poised to release a significant update for Starfield, aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience. This update, which is being touted as one of the largest for the game, promises over 100 fixes and improvements.

Key Highlights:

  • The update includes numerous fixes to quests, addressing issues like the Eye of the Storm docking problems and the Into the Unknown temple bug.
  • Graphic improvements such as better lighting, shadows, and textures, as well as additional widescreen support.
  • Stability improvements to enhance game performance.
  • The update will be available on the Steam Beta branch initially, before a wider release.

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Bethesda’s commitment to enhancing Starfield’s appeal is evident in its 2024 update, which promises to be one of the most comprehensive for the game. This update, crucial in addressing the game’s declining player base, is packed with over 100 changes aimed at refining the overall gaming experience.

Major Update Features:

  • Over 100 fixes and improvements.
  • Enhanced graphics and stability.
  • Resolved quest bugs and glitches.
  • Improved player experience with more immersive gameplay.

The update comes in response to dwindling player numbers on Steam and mixed reviews. Despite a massive launch, Starfield has seen a decrease in player activity, prompting Bethesda to focus on substantial improvements. The update includes a wide range of fixes, from quest-related issues to graphical enhancements, ensuring a more stable and visually appealing gaming experience.

Heading into 2024, Bethesda has outlined an ambitious update schedule for Starfield, with plans to release updates approximately every six weeks starting in February. These updates are not just limited to quality-of-life improvements but also extend to new content and feature updates.

Key Features Planned for 2024:

  • City maps for enhanced navigation.
  • New ways to travel within the game.
  • Expanded options for ship customization.
  • Additional gameplay options to adjust the difficulty level.
  • Official mod support with the launch of Creations.
  • Introduction of the first story expansion, Shattered Space.

Bethesda’s focus on regular updates and new features demonstrates a commitment to evolving Starfield’s gameplay and keeping the player community engaged. This includes the addition of new gameplay mechanics, expanded modding capabilities, and new story content, all of which are aimed at enriching the player’s experience.

The major update for Starfield is a significant step by Bethesda to address the concerns and feedback from the gaming community. With over 100 fixes and improvements, this update is set to enhance the overall game performance and graphics, fix multiple quests, and introduce new features. As Bethesda continues to roll out updates throughout 2024, players can expect a continually evolving and engaging experience in the Starfield universe.


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