Looking ahead to download songs from Spotify? If yes then read on.

Well downloading songs from Spotify directly is not possible. As Spotify stores all its music files by using DRM protection. As a result, it becomes impossible for us to download the software. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a Spotify premium plan. You will only be able to download songs offline.

But when it comes to sharing the songs across different platforms. It is not an easy job as it seems. Hence we have handpicked this Spotify Music Downloader For Windows By Audfree. This is one of the well-designed tools which lets you download songs from Spotify.

However, if you have no idea about what this tool is all about. Then do not worry, let me guide you through it:

Introduction: Spotify Music Converter for Windows By Audfree?

Spotify Music Converter for Windows By Audfree is one of the best tools to download songs from Spotify. It is a well-designed music converter tool which can download DRM protected songs from Spotify. You can use this tool to download songs, playlists, and albums from Spotify. Moreover, the software allows you to download the songs in different formats like FLAC, MP3, WAV, AAC for offline listening. And these files are playable across different devices and players and you do not need the Spotify premium subscription.

Spotify stores all its files with the DRM protection and what Audfree Spotify music converter for Windows does is that it removes the protection. And downloads the songs for you. Anyway, to give you a better understanding of this application. Let me pen down some of the top features that Audfree is offering:

Features of Spotify Music Converter for Windows By Audfree

No more DRM Protection

As we just mentioned the fact that Spotify protects their music files by adding the DRM Protection. Hence you cannot download songs from Spotify directly. But what this tool does that it simply removes the protection and downloads the songs for you. As a result, you will be able to listen to your favorite tracks across different devices.

Extract Spotify Tracks

The thing is that Spotify did not just implement DRM protection. But along with that it also uses the Ogg Vorbis formats to store the music files. And this format is unsupported by most of the music player out there. So even if you download songs from Spotify, it won’t be playable. That is why it is necessary to convert the songs before you start playing them. And this is where the Spotify Music Converter for Windows By Audfree can help you out.

100% Lossless Quality

One of the best reasons why you should use Audfree is that it lets you download songs with 100% lossless quality. This means the software does not compromise on the quality all you. Instead, you are going to get the same file that Spotify is using. Also, the software is capable of downloading songs 5x faster compared to any other tools out there. So you can get a better experience.

How to use Spotify Music Converter for Windows?

Using the Spotify Music Converter for Windows is extremely easy. Just a few steps and you are all done. However, you can follow these steps for a better guide:

Step 1: First thing first, go ahead and download the software and install.

Step 2: Then launch the application, and you will find the Spotify app open already.

Step 3: Then, you simply need to look for your favorite tracks and drag them to the Spotify converter. Either way, you can simply copy and paste the Music URL.

Step 4: For the next step simply select an output format and do some other changes from the preference menu.

Step 5: In the end click on the Convert button and you are all set.

Final Words:

Well, that was all about the Spotify Music Converter for Windows By Audfree. In the end, all we would say that this is the best Spotify music downloaded software available out there. The software is extremely easy to use plus comes with some of the great features. However, you have to purchase the software in order to use. But before that, do make sure to take the trial.