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Spotify Explores AI-Generated Playlists Based on User Prompts

Spotify, the renowned music streaming platform, is venturing deeper into the realm of artificial intelligence. Recent findings suggest that the company is in the experimental phase of generating playlists through AI, based on user prompts. This innovation could revolutionize the way users interact with the platform, offering a more personalized and intuitive music experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Spotify is testing AI-generated playlists from user prompts.
  • The discovery was made from backend code spotted by product designer Chris Messina.
  • The feature might be integrated into Spotify’s “Blend” where users’ music tastes are combined.
  • Spotify had previously introduced “Niche Mixes” which were not AI-powered but relied on the platform’s personalization algorithm.
  • Earlier this year, Spotify launched an AI-powered DJ feature.

Spotify’s commitment to enhancing user experience through AI is evident. After the introduction of an AI-powered DJ earlier this year, the company is now exploring ways to auto-generate playlists based on user prompts. This revelation came to light when product designer and hashtag inventor, Chris Messina, noticed intriguing lines of code in Spotify’s backend. The code hinted at a feature named “AI Playlist” and also included text suggesting the creation of playlists based on user prompts.

This potential feature could act as a Spotify-specific version of ChatGPT. Messina postulated that this AI-driven tool might be incorporated into Spotify’s “Blend” feature. For the uninitiated, “Blend” allows two users to merge their musical preferences, resulting in an algorithmically curated playlist that predicts mutual favorites.

However, when approached for a comment, a Spotify spokesperson remained tight-lipped, stating that while they continually strive to enhance their product offering, they do not comment on speculations regarding potential new features.

It’s worth noting that Spotify had previously dabbled in description-based playlists with the introduction of “Niche Mixes” earlier this spring. These mixes allowed users to search for specific descriptions, followed by the word “mix”, to receive a playlist matching the described vibe. Contrary to assumptions, Spotify confirmed that these “Niche Mixes” were not powered by AI but were a product of the company’s personalization algorithm.

Furthermore, in a move that garnered mixed reactions, Spotify unveiled an AI-driven DJ earlier in 2023. This feature played songs based on user preferences but was often interrupted with witty remarks, offering a unique, albeit sometimes disruptive, listening experience. The technology behind this DJ feature was not an in-house creation but was a result of Spotify’s acquisition of Sonatic, a tech firm based in London specializing in AI voices.

In Conclusion:

Spotify’s foray into AI-driven features is a testament to the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the music streaming industry. While the AI-generated playlist feature is still in its nascent stages, its potential integration could redefine user engagement and offer a more tailored music discovery experience.