Spotify and Bandsintown Partnership Simplifies Concert Ticket Purchases for Fans

Spotify and Bandsintown

Spotify has teamed up with Bandsintown, a leading live concert notification service, to make discovering and buying concert tickets a breeze for fans. This collaboration enables artists to seamlessly integrate their live events listed on Bandsintown directly onto their Spotify profiles, ensuring fans have instant access to ticket purchasing options. This strategic partnership leverages the strengths of both platforms to enhance the live music experience for millions of listeners and concert-goers worldwide.

Key Highlights:

  • Concert listings on Bandsintown are automatically showcased on Spotify artist profiles.
  • Artists can easily link their Spotify profiles to Bandsintown to amplify their event visibility.
  • Changes to event listings on Bandsintown reflect on Spotify within 24 hours, keeping fans updated in real-time.
  • Spotify’s concert and festival listings are sourced from Bandsintown among other ticketing partners, ensuring a comprehensive live event feed.
  • This integration is a part of Spotify’s broader effort to connect fans with live music events, enhancing discovery and accessibility.

Spotify and Bandsintown

In the evolving landscape of music streaming and live events, the collaboration between Spotify and Bandsintown represents a significant step forward in simplifying the process for fans to discover and attend live concerts. By integrating Bandsintown’s concert listings directly onto Spotify artist profiles, this partnership not only makes it easier for fans to stay informed about upcoming shows but also streamlines the ticket purchasing process. Artists benefit from increased visibility of their live events among Spotify’s vast user base, potentially leading to greater attendance and engagement.

The integration process is straightforward for artists. By adding their Spotify artist profile URL to their Bandsintown profile, artists ensure their live events are automatically displayed on Spotify. This facilitates a direct connection between Spotify listeners and live concert opportunities, offering a seamless transition from online streaming to live event attendance​​.

Spotify supports listing concerts and festivals from a variety of ticketing partners, including Bandsintown, to show live events. This inclusive approach means that virtually all types of live performances, from small gigs to large festivals, can be discovered by Spotify users. The platform uses listener data to personalize concert recommendations, encouraging fans to explore new live music experiences​​.

The introduction of Bandsintown’s Spotify app further enriches this ecosystem by allowing users to easily find when bands they listen to are playing nearby. This integration not only simplifies the discovery of live events but also enables fans to track new artists, indicate attendance on social media, and purchase tickets directly through the app. Bandsintown’s utilization of Facebook likes and Spotify’s listening data to personalize notifications underscores the targeted approach to connecting artists with their audience​​.

In conclusion, the partnership between Spotify and Bandsintown marks a pivotal development in the music industry, bridging the gap between online music streaming and live concert attendance. By leveraging their combined user bases and technological capabilities, they are enhancing the music discovery process and simplifying how fans engage with live events. This collaboration is not only a win for music lovers but also for artists looking to expand their reach and connect with their audience in meaningful ways.


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