Spooky Giveaway: The Evil Within Series Goes Free on Epic Games Store

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In a chilling treat for the gaming community, the horror titles “The Evil Within” and its sequel are being offered for free on the Epic Games Store. This marks the first occasion where these games are available at no cost on this platform, just in time for the Halloween season. Gamers can dive into a world of survival horror crafted by the acclaimed creator of the Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami.

Key Highlights:

  • The giveaway commenced on October 19 and will continue until October 26, allowing players to claim “The Evil Within” for free​.
  • Alongside “The Evil Within,” another game, “Eternal Threads,” is also available for free on the Epic Games Store​​.
  • Following this giveaway, “The Evil Within 2” is slated to be the next free offering, setting a creepy ambiance for the Halloween week​​.

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The Epic Games Store has been known for its weekly giveaways, but the offering of “The Evil Within” series is particularly notable due to its AAA status and the reputation of its creator, Shinji Mikami. The first game in the series is described as a pure horror experience with mind-bending, supernatural elements that are bound to keep players on the edge of their seats.

This spooky giveaway is not only timely but also offers a premium gaming experience for free, marking a significant moment for the Epic Games Store in providing high-quality horror titles at no cost. The inclusion of “Eternal Threads” in the giveaway also provides a variety of gaming experiences, ranging from the horror survival genre to a multiple timeline puzzle game​​.

A Spooky Treat for Gamers:

With Halloween around the corner, the timing of this giveaway couldn’t be more fitting. The horror genre of “The Evil Within” aligns perfectly with the spooky season, providing an opportunity for gamers to experience high-quality horror gameplay without spending a dime. The sequel, “The Evil Within 2,” following suit as the next free game amplifies the horror experience, promising a spooky gaming marathon for the enthusiasts.

Looking Ahead:

The Epic Games Store continues to gratify its user base with weekly game giveaways, and the offering of “The Evil Within” series is a remarkable addition to its free game roster. The platform is not only enhancing its appeal but also providing a diversified gaming experience, especially with the inclusion of “Eternal Threads” alongside the horror titles.

The Epic Games Store has taken a festive spin on its regular game giveaways by offering “The Evil Within” and “Eternal Threads” for free, with “The Evil Within 2” in tow for the next week. This initiative not only caters to the horror enthusiasts but also broadens the spectrum of gaming genres available on the platform, making it a win-win for both the gamers and the platform.

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