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Spectranet starts its services in Noida, plans starting from INR 1199


India’s first 100% fibre broadband service provider, Spectranet announced the launch of its services in Noida. The company offers unlimited usage at a symmetric speed of 100 Mbps which means that the users can download and upload at 100 Mbps. The company’s next generation fibre broadband services has the capability of offering 1 Gbps speeds for domestic and 10 Gbps for business customers. The fibre broadband plans start at INR 1199 in the new launch areas.

Udit Mehrotra, MD and CEO of Spectranet said that Noida being an industrial hub was an obvious choice for them to enter Uttar Pradesh.

Spectranet’s 100 Mbps offering will enable consumers to enjoy video services like Hungama and Netflix, use smart TV features, and connect many more devices to their WiFi. These are services which are currently available to very limited households.

Fibre is an important factor here because it enables the broadband to work for years without any damages or any requirement for upgrades.

In comparison to countries like the US, India is way behind on the average speed of internet. In US the minimum broadband speed is 25 Mbps. In India 20Mbps is considered a huge luxury.

Spectranet has started providing its services in sector 93 of Noida and expects to expand quickly.

This Third age of connectivity in India has seen a huge growth in data usage. India is now one of the highest data consuming nations in the world. Early starters like Spectranet are bound to encash the unlimited possibilities that this brings along.

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