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Special edition Samsung Galaxy S8 carrying the Pirates of the Caribbean theme launched in China, costs $880

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Samsung has come up with another great reason to buy its Galaxy S8 device, a fresh new design package that has been styled along the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

To drive the point even further, the special edition S8 phones comes in a specially designed case that can easily be mistaken for a pirate’s treasure chest, reports The Verge. Inside, you will find the S8 handset, a special edition case along with a collectible ring.

However, the Galaxy S8 handset retains its basic shape and internals. The change though becomes evident once you clamp on the smart case onto the handset. This acts to change the standard user interface into one that mimics the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, something that applies to the app icons as well. A new wallpaper depicting Jack Sparrow also serves as the hallmark of the new design theme.

So far so good though the device is exclusive to only China. It also costs a cool $880, which is the price to be paid if you are a die-hard lover of the pirates franchise or a Jack Sparrow/Jonny Depp fan. Further, the special edition device is only available with the 64 GB version of the phone featuring a 4 GB RAM.

The above can also be seen as a smart marketing play aimed at promoting the film – ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The Disney film that has been made with an investment of $230 million sure can do with some out of the box marketing techniques. That includes piggybacking on one of the hottest selling phones of the season, the Galaxy S8.

China has also been a happy hunting ground for such Hollywood blockbusters. That coupled to its status of being one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world should also explain the device being exclusive to that region.

Frankly speaking, others elsewhere in the world who are likely to opt for the Galaxy S8 shouldn’t be too tempted to spend that much just for a device that is themed around the Pirates of the Caribbean film. The device is expected to last longer than the film’s stint at the theaters, or the hype thereafter. The special edition theme might start to look and feel boring then.