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Sony SRS-X11 Portable Bluetooth/NFC Wireless Speaker Review

The portable speakers market is a very lucrative business for device manufacturers these days. Aware of that fact, Sony has launched a Bluetooth/NFC powered portable speaker, the Sony SRS-X11.

The dimensions of speaker is 61x61x61mm and weighs only 215 grams, which makes it an ultra-portable speaker and it easily fits in the palm.

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Sony SRS X-11 Portable Speaker Review

The control buttons, power and pairing button, a phone answering and hang up button, and the volume controls are all located on the top in a row.


On the back it has a Micro USB port for charging the speaker, 3.5 audio out jack, settings reset button, and an Add button. With the help of add button you can connect two SRS-X11 units via Bluetooth and they’ll work as stereo speakers system taking input from the same source at the same time.

The speaker can be connected with any Bluetooth or NFC enabled device. Pairing is very easy, just keep the Bluetooth of your device on and long press the pairing button on the speaker to make it discoverable. The speaker should appear in Bluetooth devices list and finish rest of pairing process on your smartphone.


If your phone or tablet is NFC enabled, it utilizes the NFC’s one touch capability to connect the speaker with your device. Just touch your device on speaker to connect or disconnect.

Coming on hands free calling feature, which allows it to turn into speaker phone. So if you have a call coming in, you just need to press the call answering button while it is connected with your phone and you can hang up the call right from the speaker.

No cords, no tangles needed, with NFC, one tap all it takes to switch it on.

It has one 10 Watt full range 45mm speaker inside, which is capable enough to provide powerful sound output. No cords, no tangles needed, with NFC, one tap all it takes to switch it on.


It has 4 different LED notification lights. Here is the charging status indicator light, it turns orange when you plug in the charger and turns green once it’s fully charged. On the other side we have 3 LEDs, the left and right one to show you the status of added speaker units and the middle one to help you identify the status of Bluetooth connectivity.

The speakers can play for about 12 hours on a single full charge.

The speakers can play for about 12 hours on a single full charge according to the company, which is actually excellent for a wireless Bluetooth speaker. And it takes about 4 hours to get charged completely if you’re using a 2Amp power charger. SRS-X11 comes in a variety of colors such as black, white, red, and blue.


In-The-Box Content

  • The Speaker Unit
  • A Carry Strap
  • Micro USB cable
  • Manuals and getting Started Guide

Pros: (Lots of)

  • Portable size and design
  • Product quality
  • Battery life
  • Sound quality
  • NFC One-Touch connectivity
  • Speaker-phone function
  • Can connect with wide range of devices


  • Not any actually, but as it’s not so mainstream accessory, Sony should have priced it for less.

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The MRP of this speaker is RS. 5,490 but it’s available in the market for about Rs. 4,000. If you are looking for a great portable speaker, something that comes with great battery, Bluetooth, NFC and with pretty decent sound quality, you should definitely check it out once.

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