Sony PlayStation 4 goes on sale in India, available for Rs. 39990

The anxious digital game lovers in India can respire now, as the much awaited, respected gaming console of the Japanese Technological firm, ‘’Sony Corporation’’ is finally on sale in India on the e- commerce website Flipkart .com. effectively from 6th of January 2014.

Sony PlayStation 4 forays with improved and amazing features in India.

The Sony Corporation has a huge user base to exploit for PlayStation 4 in India, about 1.8 million approximately spread across PS2, PS3 and PSPs. The company is eyeing these users and trying to persuade them to shift to the new PlayStation 4.

The other websites will follow the soon. As has already announce that, the game console will be available for sale from 8 January. In addition, one will not need to contact their aunt, uncle, friend, relatives staying abroad for their India visit and requesting them to get the PlayStation 4 for them in India. Instead, click on Moreover, get your dream game Console for Rs.39990.

Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 comes with improved and amazing features.With 500 GB hard drive, 8GB of GDDR5 unified memory along with built In Blue Ray drive, PlayStation 4 is driven by all-powerful 8 Core AMD Jaguar Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). The Gaming console will have a wireless Dual shock4 controller and an additional one is available for a modest price of Rs. 4990.

The latest PlayStation 4 would allow and enable its users to integrate second screens, including PlayStation Vita system (PS Vita), tablets and smartphones to the PlayStation ecosystem, irrespective of the geographical location, for enhanced real time experience.

PlayStation 4 also features a ‘’Share’’ button on the controller that will allow you to share the game play moments with your friends, relatives and other acquaintances. The other features in PlayStation4 includes an Ethernet port, Wi Fi connectivity option. along with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is priced at Rs. 39990 in India.

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