Sony brings new range of Professional Laser and Lamp Projectors starting at Rs. 411700

Sony has launched the new range of professional laser and lamp projectors starting at Rs. 411,700 by packing all the benefits of laser technology into a new chassis design.

Primarily created for business, academic, and entertainment use, the new three 3LCD laser models (VPL-FHZ65, VPL-FHZ60, and VPL-FHZ57) is touted as the world’s first 3LCD laser projector in the market with the company moving ahead to expand the Z-Phosphor laser light source projectors.

While VPL-FHZ65 model, priced at Rs. 966,600 is capable of delivering brightness of 6000 lumens, the VPL-FHZ60 (Rs 750,000) and VPL-FHZ57 (Rs. 533,300) variants offers 5000 and 4100 lumens respectively.

Sony, however, also introduced new budget lamp-based projectors capable of delivering high-quality performance with VPL-FH65 offering 6000 lumens, while VPL-FH60 features 5000 lumens.

By integrating features like Reality Creation and Contrast Enhancer in the new projectors, Sony has added advanced features in budget projector segment to cater to the needs of high-end consumer entertainment.

The Reality Creation engine analyzes and processes every input signal to refine detail, clarity and sharpness for naturally up-scaled images. On the other hand, the Contrast Enhancer feature expands the perceived dynamic range of the signal in real-time.

Moreover, the new range of projectors, with the average life of laser light source expected to be up to 20000 hours, also features Color Space adjustment and Color Correction features for more accurate color reproduction by adjusting RGB primaries and fine-tuning Hue, Brightness and Saturation of six different color ranges.

Sony has designed the new projectors in such a way to ensure zero maintenance and also integrated energy-saving features to reduce lifetime ownership costs compared to conventional lamp-based projectors.

All five new projector models are equipped with built-in HDBaseT interfaces, integrated terminal cover design, wide powered lens shift with the ability to work with the projectors using a wide variety of optional lenses up to 4.84:1 throw range.


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