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Solving production challenges using Robots

The process of production has few challenges that factory workers, owners, and inventors had kept seeking ways to overcome, and then came the arrival of robots. Nowadays, robots are seen as being quite too harmful and limited, and this is why the manufacturers have decided to create cobots also known as collaborative robots. A manufacturer who gets double digits rejection for their products can decide to go for collaborative robots. The cobots can handle soldering, silicone dispersing as well as light robot assembly. Using collaborative robots can help the manufacturer to get out of the problem of rejection and increase the rate of efficiency in manufacturing products.

A company referred to as Creating Revolution got a customer service paging machine for the hospitality sector over the industry. The machine is designed to link guests with their waiter using smartphones. When the industrial robots were still in vogue the CEO of Creating Revolutions, Eimar Rosenberg explained that the challenge there in the industrial robots assembly of the disc in a repeated manner and with accuracy and speed. Repeating the same process over and over again as it is in humans becomes a very big challenge when it comes to using industrial robots. Thus, the need to look for what can fill in the gap of the human aspect definitely sprung up.

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This thought is what brought about the collaborative robot and because of its capabilities and the built-in safety system that enables it to work side by side with humans as the arm maintains an automatic pause once it comes across a human being or an object in the course of operations. This is what differentiates it from the industrial robots, the ability to work with humans without causing damage to valuable human lives. Universal Robots, like other robots company that aim to resolve human problems with robots, built cobot to problems of businesses using unique creative ideas accompanied by relentless seeking and attainment of innovative solutions to general business problems and these solutions can apply to various types of productions and their levels.

The fact that these cobots are portable and compact makes it easier for them to work really well among humans without the fear of getting hurt or even killed by the robot. The robot is also made very flexible as opposed to the industrial robots, to meet up some demands in factories that the industrial robots could not meet. Cobots are also made very available and affordable for SMEs to work for their productions. The SMEs seriously need to invest little capitals and make good gains for survival. Undeniably, cobots take the floor when space, scope, and cost of applications are mentioned. This robot’s assembly brings about a lot of possibilities for small-scale businesses as well as the large ones. There is the possibility for the assurance of security of lives of workers in the factory as well as a reasonable use of workers in factories. In other words, exploitation of workers will be limited as the robots will do the major part of the work. And with cobots, fear of accuracy, quality and quantity are void, as the collaborative robots have been designed deliberately to take care of all these.

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In conclusion, collaborative robots have been built to resolve a lot of challenges that businesses and factories are encountering with regard for the safety of the users or human co-workers in mind. It is built to help the SMEs in their factories and businesses not only by the built-in safety feature sensors but also as a result of its flexibility and affordability to the SMEs.

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