Software developers test the real Apple watch for the first time

San Francisco – On Friday software developers had the opportunity to test an Apple Watch for the very first time. They expect a horde of new apps in the coming months especially in health and messaging.

Earlier developers had access only to simulators of the watch. Now they discovered new functionalities and features.

Chief operating officer of only became aware on Friday that the watch switches on and off on it’s own when the wearer lifts or brings down his wrist. Incidentally has made a caller ID app for the watch.

The simulator lacked a microphone making it guesswork the evaluation of its hearing capability. According to Danielle Keita- Taguchi marketing analyst at Y Media Labs the watch being on hand will hasten the pace of its development. Y Media Labs was responsible for designing apps for organizations such as eBay, EMC and more.

Many Fortune 500 companies want to harness this cutting edge technology quickly. Health, transportation and social media will be the 3 main industries leveraging the Apple Watch.

On Friday tracking firm App Annie found a total of 3061 apps for Apple Watch. Around 10% of the apps were games. Lifestyle apps and health/fitness related apps accounted for 7% each. 8% of the apps were productivity apps.

Prominent absences were message service Snapchat, social network Facebook and all apps of Google Inc. When queried regarding the watch, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg informed analysts that they would observe closely and come up with a suitable product. A Google spokesperson was vague if it would make apps targeting Apple’s device. Snapchat could not be contacted their view.

Currently developers perceive the watch’s main advantages as reduced time consumption and the effort of often taking out phone to use.

Matt McIlwain, managing director of Madrona Venture Group, questioned the need for a watch given that phones give out time. McIlwain’s firm has put money in Redfin, the online real estate service.