"Social Media Users decry leaked sexist video of year end Tencent party" "Social Media Users decry leaked sexist video of year end Tencent party"

Social Media Users decry leaked sexist video of year end Tencent party

An inappropriate video posted on social media site Weibo has the social circles on fire, and the technology giant Tencent has been accused of promoting sexism among its employees. It was a leaked video of a year-end party of Tencent, which showed four of its employees engaged in a game of simulated fellatio in front of a large audience. The two girls were shown trying to open water bottles held by two company executives between their thighs, with their mouth. The highly suggestive act was filmed and later leaked on the social media site before it became viral.

The obnoxious video brought a barrage of condemnation from social media users who labelled the act of the company and its employees as sexist. Tencent Holdings was quick in condemning the incident as highly inappropriate and vowed never to repeat the mistakes. The company added that the workers who were involved in the act had been admonished and suitably punished for their misdemeanour. The company also blamed inadequate oversight on the conduct of employees.

However, the statement did not assuage the furious social site participants and one social media user was sympathetic with the girls and felt that if they did not do as told they would have lost their job. This is sickening male chauvinism min its worst form.

There is an allegation that the female staff had been asked to stimulate the sex acts on their male colleagues. Many Business leaders say that workplace sexism is a major problem in China. Two years ago Alibaba Group Holding Ltd was forced to remove an advertisement for office cheerleaders who were directed at females with a porn star like capabilities.

While the above incidents expose the rampant sexism in China’s IT industry, the situation is no different closer home, and Silicon Valley still has many of the same issues. The latest 2015 survey revealed that 60 % of the women employed in the valley had suffered sexual harassment at one time or the other.