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Snokor TWS iRocker Stix and Bass Drops Earphones: Should You Buy?

Snokor has launched two new earphones in India – the iRocker Stix TWS earbuds and Bass Drops wired earphones. Both audio devices are targeted at budget buyers looking for earbuds that offer impressive specifications. The Snokor iRocker Stix TWS earbuds are priced at INR 1,499, while Bass Drop wired earphones will cost you INR 499. Both earphones are now available for purchase via Amazon India.

Snokor TWS iRocker Stix: Features and Performance

The iRocker Stix comes equipped with top-end features such as Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity. These wireless earbuds support HD calling and quick pairing. And thanks to independent chip design, users can switch between single and double earphone modes seamlessly.

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Besides, there’s also a multi-functional button that lets users answer/reject calls or change/skip tracks. These earbuds also come with support for Google and Siri voice assistants. To activate the voice assistant, just long-press either of the earbud’s buttons to summon the assistant to control your smartphone via simple voice commands.

For sound, the iRocker Stix TWS earbuds come equipped with 14.2mm dynamic bass boost audio drivers and high fidelity speakers to deliver a top-notch sound experience. The earbuds have a frequency response range of 20Hz-20,000Hz to deliver clear vocals in low, mid, and high range frequencies, without compromising the bass.

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The charging case gets backed by a 300mAh battery and each earbud packs a 40mAh battery. The company claims a total playtime of 16 hours with the case. The charging case also comes equipped with a Type C port, which can fully charge the case in 1.5 hours.

Not to mention, at 4gm each, these ultra-light earbuds are great for endurance and sports activities such as running or intense workouts.

SNOKOR Bass Drops Wired earphones: Features and Performance

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Talking about new wired earphones launched by Snokor, they use 14.3 dynamic bass boost drivers which are claimed to reproduce bass up to two times as powerful, along with crisp and clear vocals at all frequencies. Other highlights include a tangle-free cable and a one-button control feature that let users control playback and answer/reject calls.

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Besides, they also support Google and Siri voice assistants. To summon the voice assistant, just press and hold the button for two seconds to activate the voice assistant. Bass Drop Wired earphones are available in a choice of Red, Green, and Black colour options.

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