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Snapchat vs Instagram Stories: Which one to use?


Snapchat packs the most incredible features that will allow users to share a whole day with friends and this feature is called Stories which Instagram recently replicated the same and added it to their app. The Instagram Stories feature is a lot different than the stories feature on Snapchat. So, let’s see which of these platforms is best for you to use and share your updates with friends and followers.

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat came into existence a year later than Instagram, but the stories feature is the one feature which Snapchat introduced first. The Snapchat stories are basically an option to tell the friends what you are and were up to in the past 24 hours in a narrative and a very brief way.

Snapchat stories have live filters which you can apply to your pictures and videos giving your story a very cool look; you can also add some amazing effects. The issue which Snapchat has to work on is that anyone who can see your story can snapshot it and save it for future. This issue has been resolved by Instagram in their stories feature.


Snapchat has a direct message feature where you can send messages directly to any friend. You can also discover and subscribe to those users to get their stories on your stories timeline. Snapchat also collects all your previous Snapchat stories for you which you can check anytime.

Instagram Stories

Instagram has worked a long time on this update to give one off a kind experience to users, and the Instagram pack a lot of features like going live, regular picture sharing, boomerang, rewind, and hands-free.

Instagram has a small scroll bar on the top of the feeds with all the stories from your followers. You will also see a live badge on the stories which tells you that the person is streaming the story live right now. You will also get a notification of all the missed live stories on your smartphone.


The Instagram stories also disappear after 24 hours just like in Snapchat. Instagram stories let you do doodle on your pictures, add stickers and text. Instagram has a feature in which you can select who can see your stories and who can’t, you have to set the restriction though manually.


If you are getting confused between Snapchat and Instagram to share updates with your friends or create your own business account to get followers, we suggest Instagram is your one stop solution. The App has some fresh and exciting features which won’t take your privacy for granted. On the other hand, creating stories on Snapchat using the live filters is a next level which you won’t get on Instagram Stories. So, if you just wish to share your personal updates, Snapchat and Instagram both are the best, whereas, if you wish to make a business profile for your brand or product, Instagram is the way to go.

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