Snapchat Introduces Snap Maps Feature which lets you share your locations with followers and friends

Snapchat has introduced a brand new special feature known as Snap Map, which is taking social media and tech world by storm. The particular feature allows users to share location to their friends who are already in the Snapchat follow list. Furthermore, now user can view snaps of the current news feed, sports news, and celebration, etc. Snap Map is accessed through a pinch-to-zoom gesture on the app’s camera screen.

Users can now choose whether to share their location with all their friends or just a select few. On the other hand, there is another attractive option known as Ghost mode in which users can turn off the location sharing and just lurk on the map to see what your friends are up to and where they’ve been.

Snapchat software algorithm allows to figure out what your friends are doing. For instance, if your mate were in the gym and his phone’s location is on, their Bitmoji appears in the tracksuit with a dumbbell in hand. Also, you can chat in the real time as well.

Snap Map

Nonetheless, if users are curious about other country’s culture, Snap Map heat mapping features allows exploring the world through archives of Snaps collected around specific locations. To use this feature, use two fingers zoom out on Snap Map to explore the area and user will see that Snaps and Story pop out along with weather and temperature detail from the given location.

All in all, Snap Map seems to be a major an update in the Snapchat armory. It surely gives users a whole new experience and flexibility to the users in term of interacting with friends and exploring outside world. Great work Snapchat.

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