The popular web development company Smart ITcentre announces the launch of their new web software solution named The company adds this awesome product to their portfolio of web applications, digital marketing works, and many other development projects. As the name suggests VisitorCheck.In is a Digital Visitor Book for all kinds of organizations such as SMB, MSME or Large Corporates and Enterprises.

The company is aiming to put an end to the old style paper-based register for visitor data keeping. That’s why the company launched this product as a service. Any organizations in the world can adopt this technology and use to reduce the effort, time, and many other unwanted things which are caused by the conventional visitor tracking systems. This focuses on making things more easier and safer.

The official announcement says that the Frontline desks of organizations are also the first line of defense and VisitorCheck.In adds in enabling them to validate, that the visitor has a reason to come and at least one employee in the premises is responsible for his behavior. This security desk can also make the experience for the visitor a welcomed one, by giving them quick access to the premises since time is a precious resource for all. VisitorCheck.In facilitates pre-registered visitors who could quickly validate themselves through a valid one-time password generated on their mobile and a valid photo ID as a proof of identity.

Sneha Thadhani, founder of VisitorCheck.In said “VisitorCheck.In is a 3-factor authentication system where the pre-registered visitor is validated by a one-time password generated on their mobile phone that he could keep handy and share it while showing his proof of identity at the security desk. Once the security desk receives a mail approval on the console from an employee, a Visitor ID could be issued thus making the whole experience fast and secure”.