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Are Smart Homes the Future of Gaming?

There is an undeniable buzz around virtual reality lately. The technology has been all over the news, especially in the gaming industry. A virtual reality headset seems to be the item at the top of every gamer’s list. But the sales aren’t as good as you’d expect, and the technology has yet to take root. But could this be because another technology may be primed to have more impact on the future of how we game? The implications of smart home appliances could make a huge difference in our gaming experience. Smart home appliances allow you to gain control over your entire environment, meaning that setting the environment for your gaming experience is entirely in your own hands, all from the comfort of your sofa.

First off, playing comfortably in your own home is probably going to be a bigger bonus to users in the long run. Having a potentially heavy device strapped around your head is probably going to get pretty old, pretty fast as soon as gamers try to use the device for extended periods like say, a weekend game marathon. Smart home appliances on the other hand allow the user to create the most comfortable environment possible with only a few clicks of a button.

There’s also a ton of creative uses for the tech. With just the click of a button you could decrease or increase the temperature in your room. How could this impact your gaming experience you may ask? Think about it – the next time you’re struggling through those winter levels of The Last of Us you can put yourself in Joel and Ellie’s shoes by temporarily by turning your lounge temperature way down. Or the next time you switch areas in games like Dragon Age you can use the tech to switch temperatures as you switch worlds, make your house reflect the chill of Emprise du lion or the heat of the Exalted plains – as you play the game.

Smart home tech also allows you to control the lighting. The most obvious use is clear, the next time you’re playing a horror game, dim the lights! Plunge yourself into darkness the next time you play Alien Isolation or the latest Resident Evil. And of course, put the lights back up immediately when it inevitably gets too intense. You could also use it to freak out your friends the next time they come over to play.

Speaking of messing with your friends, you could also use the smart home to your advantage. For example if you find yourself playing a game of online poker, you could use the appliance to fill your home with the scent of citrus. Why? Well, an 888poker article reveals that scientific studies have suggested that the scent of citrus can make people more generous. Now you control the gaming environment, it may give you an invisible edge over your buddies!

So what do you think? Do you think that smart homes could be the new big thing in gaming? Let us know below!

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