Smart Home Favorites: Top Picks for Streamlining Your Space

Smart Home Favorites

The world of smart home technology expands constantly, making it easier to automate your living spaces. The Verge has rounded up some of the most popular and well-regarded smart home devices to transform your home with convenience and control.

Key Highlights

  • Efficient and affordable robot vacuums: These helpers keep floors clean without constant attention.
  • Smart home hubs: Allow you to manage multiple smart devices from a single interface.
  • Connected garage door openers: Offer remote control and security features.
  • Advanced light switches: Provide scheduling, customization of lighting scenes, and seamless integration with voice assistants.
  • Reliable smart plugs: Extend control over appliances and lamps that wouldn’t otherwise be “smart”.

Smart Home Favorites

Robot Vacuums: Cleaning Without the Effort

Robot vacuums are now a staple in many smart homes. These tireless cleaners come packed with features like advanced navigation, powerful suction, and app controls that let you schedule cleanings or target specific areas. Leading brands like iRobot and Ecovacs offer excellent options in various price ranges. Look for models that handle your floor type effectively, have long battery life, and integrate with your preferred voice assistant.

Smart Home Hubs: The Heart of Control

If you own multiple smart home devices, a smart home hub offers centralized management and easy automation. Hubs like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest can connect with a wide range of devices and allow you to set routines, control lights, thermostats, and more with a simple voice command or using their respective apps.

Smart Garage Door Openers: Remote Access and Security

Modern garage door openers upgrade older garage doors with smart features like remote opening and closing, alerts for unexpected activity, and integration with home security systems. Popular brands such as Chamberlain and myQ offer easy-to-install kits and compatibility with popular smart home ecosystems.

Smart Light Switches: Beyond Simple On/Off

Smart light switches replace traditional switches, expanding your lighting options dramatically. These switches let you set schedules, control brightness, dim lights, and create custom lighting scenes for different moods and occasions. Options from Lutron Caseta, TP-Link Kasa, and others provide straightforward installation and excellent smart features.

Smart Plugs: The Little Helpers with Big Impact

Smart plugs offer a simple, budget-friendly way to upgrade any standard electrical outlet. These devices let you remotely turn appliances on and off, set timers, and monitor energy usage. Choose models that integrate well with your preferred smart home platform, offering features like easy scheduling and voice control.

Smart Home Hubs: The Brands

  • Amazon Echo: The Echo line comes in various forms (dot, show, etc.) and deeply integrates with Amazon’s Alexa, offering broad device compatibility and seamless shopping features with Amazon.
  • Google Nest Hub: These hubs (including ones with displays) focus on Google Assistant integration, which excels at answering questions and controlling your smart home, especially if you have Nest branded devices.
  • Apple HomePod Mini: While less common as a primary hub, the HomePod Mini works best for those deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem and using Siri for voice control.

The Choice is Yours

The best smart home devices will always depend on your needs and budget. Consider the specific features you want, compatibility with existing devices, the size of your home, and your primary voice assistant of choice (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.). The ever-growing smart home market offers something for everyone; these top picks are just a starting point for making your home a more convenient and connected space.

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