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Small Town Renames Itself For 10 Years of Free TV Service

In Dish, Texas, most of the residents who live there use Dish television services. The town was once named Clark. In 2005, the town decided to engage in a market experiment offered by Dish Network. Residents would have access to the equipment needed to connect to the internet and to watch about 200 channels on television for free. Installation of the equipment would also be free for existing residents and those who move to the area.

Making Money
The dish is trying to profit as much as possible from the name change. There are signs all across the town advertising that Dish is the primary service available and that it’s free for those who live in the town. Even the televisions located in government buildings play Dish channels throughout the day as a way to advertise for the company in exchange for the free services.

Open Spaces
The town isn’t one that’s commonly known for satellite services. It only makes up about 33 miles of space in Texas with several acres of land dedicated to cattle. There are only about 200 people who live in the town, which made it a little easier for Dish to offer free services. Buddy Kinney is one of the people who live in the small town. He doesn’t watch a lot of television and can often be found outside working in his yard. He has a Dish satellite on his home so that he can watch television and access the internet. He’s not a person who really cares one way or the other what the name of the town is called but would have enjoyed Jack Daniel’s coming along.

There are several small towns like Dish that have unique names as a way to stand out on the map. Ding Dong and Jot ‘Em Down are only a few of the names of towns that are in Texas. They don’t have many residents, but they are noticed simply because of what they’re called. Dish believes that the agreement has been beneficial for everyone involved. It gets Dish noticed by potential customers and gives residents in the town free services so that they don’t have an extra utility bill to pay. The partnership could linger on for several years as long as the town wants to keep its name. The way the name is written is in capital letters so that it coincides with the way that the company designs its name.

Renaming the town didn’t catch on at first. There are a few people who have voiced their concerns about how changing the name will have any benefit aside from free Dish services. Wester Draper is one person who tells people where he lives only for people to ask where it’s located. Some people don’t believe that the company would just offer free services simply for renaming a town, which is difficult for Draper and others to explain to family and friends as well as visitors. Even some of the agents who work for Dish don’t believe that residents have free services. Some of the signs should be updated according to residents as only the basic channels are free. You have to pay for any upgraded channels. You also have to pay for any extra equipment that you might need as only the basics are provided. Dish typically isn’t used for addresses since it’s not a big town. It doesn’t even have a restaurant or a store. There are few talks about keeping the name for the town as some residents really don’t care either way.

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