The launch of the new version of Skype Windows 10 application is followed by a new list of ‘Skype Bots’ or the automated assistants which were introduced on a limited scale earlier this year. The latest chatbots will help users make travel arrangements, know about event tickets, find details about other applications and can even provide wholesale entertainment.

Microsoft had first unveiled these Skype chatbots and the refurbished bot platform at its yearly BUILD conference. It explained how to interact with these virtual assistants and get them do a variety of tasks like booking travel accommodation, setting programs in your calendar or orchestrating your conversation in advance to save time and typing. The bots were present earlier also, but they were much simpler and included those who could pull out information from the search engine.

The automated AI assistants also include one for price comparison on sites like Skyscanner, Hipmunk, ticket store Stubhub and also messaging service IFTTT. Among the five assistants which Microsoft has introduced includes Spock Bot which it says will provide information much akin to Vulcan Logic.

The Skyscanner and Hipmunk apps are more useful for getting information about flight and travel. Skyscanner Bot is not the only assistant which Skyscanner has developed. Earlier it had developed a voice search tool for Amazon’s Alexa, and the latest is a travel companion bot for Facebook Messenger.

Hipmunk offers flight info, hotel accommodation details and can also generate travel advice based on the user’s preferences, price, vacation themes or the level of luxury you can afford.  The IFTTT app will be more useful because it can be users with information by interfacing with home devices, social media services or anything which the user connects. It will also be helpful in obtaining news alerts, social media tit bits, weather details, etc.

Microsoft is betting heavily on AI, and the latest Skype chatbots will join services like Bing and Getty Images which is available on Skype. CEO Satya Nadella has said that Microsoft has the best ‘AI Brains’ and it can understand the questions and queries it is asked. Microsoft is not the only one who is investing heavily on intelligent, smart bots. Facebook is already hosting more than 11,000 smart assistants on its Messenger Platform. The social site has also created its bot creation platform for outside developers