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Skullcandy Set in-earphones Review – Tailor-made for fitness enthusiasts and professionals


Fitness enthusiasts would rather prefer earbuds that offer a secure fit, can endure gallons of sweat during workouts, and still sound great. More and more manufacturers are now launching new earbuds that fit into the ‘sport’ category, designed explicitly for people who’re into fitness. The Skullcandy Set is one such earphone that falls into the sports category, primarily targeted at avid gym-goers and runners. Being an avid runner myself, I was eager to find out whether or not they would stay put, slip, or fall out while running, and of course, how do they sound? Priced at INR 2,999, let’s find out whether they’re a worthy buy for the more active folks out there.

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Design, Comfort, and Fit

As far as design goes, these earbuds have a sporty vibe to them. The design is sleek; we got the crimson/white variant, which in my opinion looks very trendy and stylish. The fit is fantastic thanks to the tips angle and the curved cord connector. The standard ear tips fit me perfectly. They haven’t slipped or fallen out during runs or workouts at the gym and are these earphones very comfortable to wear for long periods. As a long-distance runner, we need our music to stay in our ears and not fall out. All in all, it is a fantastic product, and the overall build quality seems durable and works well for the price.


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The Skullcandy Set is also water-resistant with a rating of IPX4. These make them sweat and rain resistant allowing you to have an intense workout without worrying about any water damage. However, it’s best not to use this during torrential rain as there is a chance they could get damaged — better safe than sorry.

However, I would have preferred a flat cable instead of a round one, which means these earbuds get easily tangled if not appropriately handled.

Sound Quality

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The sound quality is quite impressive, highs and lows are very clear and pronounced as is expected with Skullcandy and the Mids aren’t too bad either. These earphones are suitable for most genres except EDM or hip-hop as the bass isn’t that powerful. That said, the overall listening experience is fantastic as the sound is much, much more fuller. Besides, these earphones also surprisingly offer impressive noise-isolating abilities that almost completely block out all noise with music playing.

My only complaint being no volume control buttons, as these offer a single button in-line control which works for music playback as well as to answer/decline calls.

Wrap Up

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Priced at INR 2,999, the SkullCandy Set may be a little more pricey for what one would consider headphones on a budget. That said, I feel the little extra money makes a lot of difference.

Firstly, the sound quality is impressive, and they do a solid job at blocking ambient noise delivering a more immersive experience. Besides, these earphones don’t fall off the ear while running, so that’s also a plus. As a long-distance runner, we need our music to stay in our ears and not fall out, and these earphones stay put in the ear. You can shake your head furiously, and these won’t come out. Not to mention, they’re sweatproof and waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about sweat during intense workouts. The company calls them sports earbuds, and these definitely work as advertised.