Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Review: Good quality headphone with a few quirks

With the booming popularity of mini portable speakers that come with Bluetooth connectivity, wire free devices are in vogue. The Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless is an upgraded version of the earlier launched Hesh 2 over-ear headphone. We tested the camouflage color variant which is currently available at Rs. 12,549 on Amazon. These headphones are also available in a range of color options which including black, silver and light gray, starting at Rs. 6,999 on Amazon. By all means, this one has the looks and build quality that is bound to impress. But do these cans pack a punch and offer a comfortable listening experience? Let’s find out.

Build and Design

The headphone’s build quality is quite solid. Despite the plastic, it feels quite robust, and you can confidently carry it along whether on a metro or a bus. The headband is flexible but sturdy, while earpads are well cushioned for easy listening. These cans also look awesome around the neck, and its styling is undeniably one of its strongest USPs.

That said, it’s a bit bulky which doesn’t make it as comfortable for longer sessions. Even the headphone’s charging port is in an awkward position. Also, there are no playback controls when these headphones are wired. Now this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but having them certainly makes things a lot easier. But all in all, the Hesh 2 Wireless is a cool looking headphone with a good build quality.

Features and Performance

The setup is too easy. It takes just about 15 seconds to pair it with your phone. Bluetooth connectivity is also pretty reliable, but the volume levels over Bluetooth seem rather muted. It’s not as loud and punchy as I was expecting. That said, the wired sound is an entirely different ball game. The sounds get substantially stronger and vibrant. It is capable of churning out some deep bass and top-notch clarity. The overall sound spectrum is rich and balanced across the board. Even the battery life is pretty solid. I rarely had to charge it, and when I had to, it rather did so quickly.

With Bluetooth functionality, you can also accept or deny calls with Hesh 2. Just a touch of the power button, the “+” and “-” buttons can transmute the volume with ease, or they can be used to shuffle between tracks.


Looks cool
Clean balanced sound
Decent noise isolation
Solid Bluetooth connectivity
Battery lasts a long time



Slightly bulky
Awkward charging position
Volume levels over Bluetooth are way too low

Wrap Up

The Skull Candy Hesh 2 is a solid over-ear headphone across the board. The build quality is pretty solid, those camouflage graphics are an icing on the cake, while its soft cushioned earcups make them comfortable to wear. Even the headphone’s overall sound signature is impressive. Bass is rich but not overwhelming while Mids and Highs are crisp and clear. That said, what really could be a deal breaker is the audio output over Bluetooth connectivity. As volume levels seem muted, they’re not as loud and thumpy compared to listening over wired connectivity.