Skoda unveils MySkoda mobile app, now available on iOS and Android

Skoda India has launched a new app called MySkoda. The app is now available for download on the PlayStore as well as Apple’s AppStore. With the MySkoda App, the Czech automaker is essentially aiming at bridging the gap between the company and its customers.

Using the MySkoda App, Skoda customers can access all relevant information such as service history,  estimated charges, spare part costs and more. Besides, customers can also book their cars for servicing using the app. Also, the app has all the information about Skoda authorized dealers and service centres across India.

Skoda customers can also contact the company’s customer care centre directly through the app. Moreover, customers can also keep track of their car’s service cycle, warranty and insurance period, along with roadside assistance expiry.

MySkoda App: Features


With the MyGarage feature, Skoda customers can access all the details about their cars such service due date, warranty period, extended warranty period, along with information about other maintenance services such as RoadSide Assistance. Besides, customers can also view and update all their personal data and contact details via MyGarage


This feature allows users to store digital copies of important car-related documents such as vehicle registration certificate, insurance policy, pollution certificates, and more.


Under this section, Skoda customers can access their entire vehicle history on their phone’s screen. Also, it offers other service-related information such as estimated service costs for easy reference.

Fuel Cost Calculator

This feature gives users information about the fuel expenses. By simply entering the cost and the quantity of fuel filled, the MySkoda App then starts maintaining a log of the cost and mileage ratio which can be accessed anytime. Another nifty feature it offers is the trip cost calculator which allows users to keep a daily tab of their trip costs.

GPS-compatible Dealer finder

With the GPS-enabled dealer locator, customers can use their smartphones to find their nearest Skoda dealer or a Skoda authorised service centre. This feature helps users locate any Skoda dealer or a service centre, which comes in real handy especially while travelling.

The whole idea behind the MySkoda app is to improve transparency between the company and its customers. Skoda recently made a huge Rs.100 crore investment in India, primarily to enhance the overall customer experience of owning a Skoda vehicle. Besides, the company is also overhauling its dealership network alongside the introduction of added customer-focussed initiatives to strengthen its position in the Indian market.

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