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Six reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner

Every day there are more and more smart devices for the home. Among the frantic variety of technology, it’s hard to know which ones will become indispensable helpers and which ones will stand idle. We tell you why every home needs a modern robot vacuum cleaner.

  1. Fights with dust

Microscopic mites live in dust particles, which can cause asthma and chronic allergies. Often the situation is exacerbated by the presence of pets in the home. Therefore, cleaning is important not only from an aesthetic point of view. Gadget with a powerful thrust can clean floors from large debris, hair, fluff, and fine dust. And thanks to the brushless motor, dust will not fly to the sides during cleaning and will go straight into the dust canister.

  1. Self-cleaning the dust canister

You do not need to bother with dust bags, because a special suction station empties the vacuum cleaner after each cleaning. It works like this: the gadget completes the session, drives up to the station, and automatically pulls the contents of the container into an airtight three-liter package. The only thing left for the owner is to change the dust canister once a month.

  1. Saves time

In the era of burning deadlines, we all sometimes want to postpone household chores until better times, even if the cleaning is objectively necessary. The robot vacuum cleaner is autonomous. By running it for at least 15 minutes a day, you’ll save an hour and a half a week and your apartment will always be clean. Thanks to good batteries, the robot vacuum cleaner can work without recharging for 2.5 hours. This time can be extended by turning the gadget to the lowest power level.

  1. Mops the floor

Some vacuums have a 200 ml bin and a 250 ml water tank so they can do wet cleaning too. The smart control system will warn you if the tank runs out of water.

They have three modes for wet cleaning: the minimum flow is enough to tank for 150 square meters, the average – for 120, and the maximum – for 90. The liquid is evenly distributed on the floor, the vacuum cleaner does not leave puddles and stains. It is not necessary to worry about the carpet, too: the device recognizes it when it hits. After that, the vacuum cleaner will stop the water supply and switch to dry cleaning mode.

  1. Cleans hard-to-reach places

The average height of a robot vacuum cleaner is only 10 cm. It easily reaches the most hard-to-reach and usually dirty places: under the bed, the coffee table, behind the curtains. And it cleans up trash in corners with ease, thanks to its advanced navigation system. It uses an LDS laser sensor that sweeps up to eight meters around you to pinpoint obstacles. It maps your home and navigates perfectly: it finds obstacles and immediately realigns its way to the next obstacle. It has a built-in special rubber shock absorber at the bottom of the gadget, so it will slide over the floor as gently as possible – leaving no scratches or damage.

  1. Works while you are away

The remote control function allows the owner of the robot vacuum cleaner to always come to the cleaned room. Thanks to the mobile app, you can start the gadget on your way home from work or set up regular cleaning during the week for the vacations. At Evxstore.com you can find the right model with remote access. It’s also easy to use your smartphone to track the condition of your vacuum cleaner’s filters, adjust the power, and even manually control the trajectory. And you can also divide your apartment into zones, so you can set a different cleaning mode and water consumption level for each zone.

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