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Six hints on how to improve Technical Writing Skills


By writing technical documentation, we mean a set of documents used in different spheres. Each organization writes this documentation in its own way: someone adheres to state rules, someone in-house standards. In any case, the documentation must comply with the requirements for technical texts.

Technical texts must be written in the formal business style. It is characterized by the presence of the standard location of the material, the narrative nature of the presentation, the absence of emotionally expressive speech means, the wide use of terminology, the presence of verbal nouns, the predominance of direct word order, completeness, accuracy, and clarity of information.

Reading this documentation may be difficult even for those who are creating it. For example, when a student asks the expert writer “write my essay” he wants it to be written in a way that’ll allow him to read it with pleasure — the same concerns technical writing skills.


That’s why we would like to share with you several hints on how to improve writing skills.

Description structure

The structure of the description is understood as a logical arrangement of the material. The correct description structure gives the reader the ability to find information quickly.

In technical texts it is recommended to locate the material in a standard way, i.e., sections of the same type or part of the document should have the same structure. With such a structure, such information should be described logically and in a similar place.

Nature of presentation

The character of the presentation is understood as an adequate manner of submission of the text. The nature of the presentation allows you to create a positive attitude of the reader to the document.

The reader should be comfortable reading the text, so the tone of the text should be benevolent, persuasive and objective.

In technical texts, it is recommended to use the narrative, impersonal character of the presentation.

Also in the texts should not be emotional, subjective assessments and everyday vocabulary. The author’s task is to convey information; he must concentrate on the content of the text, and not on the use of language means.

Completeness, accuracy, and clarity of information

Completeness is understood as the amount of information needed to understand the content of the text entirely.

Professional essay writing service states that it is extremely crucial that technical texts are short but sufficient to perform the described action.

When writing a text, you should indicate in it only verified data. Texts must comply with the described system.

Clarity refers to the ability to perceive information accurately.

When writing text, you should use simple sentences with direct word order instead of complex sentences.

Text orientation

The orientation of the text refers to its focus on a certain circle of readers.

It is recommended to write texts for various categories of system users, depending on their level of knowledge and their responsibilities.

For example, it is not necessary for the user manual to describe the settings that the administrator should do, and in the administrator’s manual, to describe all the same actions as in the user manual.


The terminology refers to the use of words and expressions specific to a given field.

Specific terms need to be given precise formulations in technical texts. Throughout the document is to adhere to the terminology.

For example, do not enter synonyms or clarifying phrases. It can mislead the reader.


It refers to a graphic representation of the text. Formalization allows you to improve the perception of the text content.

It is recommended to set different designs for different text elements; for example, window names can be specified in quotes, menu items can be drawn in bold, etc.

It is challenging to navigate through the text, which has a lot of “grey” elements that don’t even differ from each other.

Of course, this is not a complete list of recommendations for you to improve writing skills when dealing with technical texts, but the implementation of at least these hints will significantly enhance your documentation.