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The use of Siri is risky for iOS device users, says Trend Micro researchers

The use of Siri by iOS device users has turned to be risky however much is fast and convenient. Siri helps one accomplish their everyday tasks with ease simply by just calling out a contact’s name, and the device will colonize it together, with the contacts of the person.

However, its use may not be helpful anymore because privacy is at risk. It is very easy for anyone to crack someone else’s Siri-enabled iOS device and put together personal information.

And whether the device is protected, with a passcode there is a potential abuse that it permits anyone to use voice acknowledgment to access data on a device. In ordinary circumstances, a password or passcode should prohibit authorized access to any information on a device including the owner’s identity. However, this is not the case with Siri as it bypasses all these and instead provides comprehensive information from even from a protected device.

Researchers at Trend Micro state have referred to this malfunction on Siri as a ‘flaw’ since it is creating a backdoor for accessing personal information. And further to revealing one’s data, malicious individuals who probably want to cause unnecessary alarm can take advantage of the flaw to place calls. They can also send texts from your device and even filling in mischievous status on one’s social network for example ‘single and not looking’ probably meant to cause havoc in a relationship.

So what next for iOS device users, with tens of millions of iOS mobile devices having found their way into the larger market? The best strategy to curb this is to add protection to Siri, which will help in safeguarding personal information from potential abusers. Some of the additional protection approaches include user authentication before sending a text, calling or posting on a social platform.

Apple is aware of the flaw, but the much they have commented on this is that users should be cautious of whoever is handling their device at any given moment. This they can achieve by Settings menu, and accessing Touch ID & Passcode.