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Simple strategies to help improve your digital marketing

It cannot be assumed that what works in the traditional marketing world also works in the digital marketing world. Marketing will always consider people, place, price, and product. But, while the principles may be similar, the way in which strategies are created around those 4 P’s will vary depending on the medium of delivery. To lump your marketing strategy all into one big lump called marketing and will be harmful to your company brand. It is good though to have a consistent look, feel and message across all your digital marketing so that your company can be recognised by how it presents itself in the public domain. Often it is the subtle language or words used, or it can be the writing style, font or colour even the colour tones of the images and pictures used.

Using professionals to do the job

Using a dedicated digital marketing agency will transform the vision and strength of your marketing strategy. It is better to hire people who do digital marketing as a profession than to do it yourself. Doing it yourself means that the learning curve will be painful, and in the meantime, you may lose branding reputation or credibility by making marketing faux pas. The agency will work closely with your internal team to ensure the vision is properly translated into public material and create maximum impact, which always boils down to return on investment.

Making use of data mining

This is a term commonly used today but something that is new to most of us. Firstly, understanding what this term means is important. It is taking ‘big data’ and distilling it into information that helps businesses inform decisions or strategies. This is important when it comes to marketing. Data mining must not be done in isolation, it needs to be gathered and processed. For data to have any purpose at all, it must be translated into meaningful information. This information can be used to verify if a marketing strategy is working or not. It can also be used to provide information on what is guiding consumer behaviour. Once this knowledge has been gained, the digital marketing approach must be adjusted and tweaked to improve effectiveness.

Always have a call to action

As mentioned above, the bottom line purpose of marketing is to drive profits. This is what shareholders are most interested in. Therefore, the marketing that is done must always be accompanied by a call to action. It cannot just be enjoyable or nice to look at, it must lead you to do something. Calls to action vary and can be obvious, like enticing people to click on a link or make a purchase and sometimes it can be simply sharing the content on their own social media pages which is essentially free marketing or what would traditionally be known as word of mouth. Even with all the new digital marketing approaches, word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of brand messaging.

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