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Simple guide to run Windows 10 on your Mac and MacBook

If you are a Mac user and you want to run Windows 10 on it, then you are in luck. You can run full Windows on your Mac using a virtual desktop software like VirtualBox and Parallels. Here is an instruction guide on how you can set up Windows on your MacBook or MacPC.

3VirtualBox (Free)

2Install via Boot Camp (Free)

To dual boot Windows on your MacBook then you can do that too! Boot Camp is an application on your Mac which lets you do that. Follow the instructions to dual boot Windows OS on Mac via Boot Camp.

  1. Grab Windows 10 image (iso) file from the Offical Microsoft website, you can buy a license if needed.
  2. Move the Windows image file to the desktop.
  3. Connect a
  4. Launch Boot Camp application on your mac and check all three options available, click Continue.
  5. Click continue again and after some time, you’ll see a storage selection interface where you need to select how much storage you want to assign for Windows OS.
  6. Select the amount of storage and click Install.
  7. It will reboot your Mac and launch the Windows 10 installation.

1Parallels Desktop ($79.99)

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