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Should I buy the PS5 or keep the PS4?


When choosing between the PS5 and PS4, money is probably one of the most significant factors. The PS5, at first glance, has a very aggressive pricing policy, but let’s put aside the pitchforks for a moment and put out the torches. Is everything really that expensive? How to sell ps4 for cash so buy a new version of the PS.

When you look at it, it’s clear that the PS 5 is really a next-generation PlayStation. SONY engineers have upgraded just about everything they can. So the new generation is several times more productive than the PS 4, even in the Pro version. But about that, we will talk about that a little later. And now we need to look more closely at the key differences between the two generations of consoles. After all, even the design has changed for the better according to some users (which is not so often).

Playstation models and their advantages


Most of the game consoles on the market are from three manufacturers: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular versions of these firms’ consoles.

Set-top boxes can be divided into two types: expendable and stationary. You can choose a set-top box by type depending on where the device will be used at home by the TV or on the road.

Portable – a small-sized set-top box, equipped with a screen and speakers or headphones. Such a device is convenient to use on the road, in nature, or anywhere on vacation because it can work independently of the TV set.

Stationary – a set-top box that connects to a TV or projector. Thanks to this the whole course of the game is displayed on a big screen. Such a device allows you to connect several joysticks and play in the company of friends.

Hard Drive

If you have a hard drive, you can record music, photos, game demos, and store data as you play the game. It is important to know that some games can run only if you have a hard drive. Also, games recorded on a hard drive load and play much faster than from a disk or memory card. Nowadays, the volume of hard drives in consoles ranges from 8 to 500GB.


A controller is a device to control a game, such as a gamepad. Most gaming consoles come with a controller.

There are two types:

 Рwireless Рdo not limit the movements of the user, but have a limited operating time without recharging;

 РWired Рless convenient, but do not require charging batteries.


Supported media type – shows what media you can download the game to your console: Blue-Ray and DVD discs, UMD discs (for Sony handheld consoles), Wii Optical Disc (for Nintendo Wii consoles).

Processor and memory – The more cores and the higher the processor frequency, the faster the device can run. Processor frequencies in consoles are as high as 3.2 GHz, and the amount of RAM is 512 MB.

However, the speed of the set-top boxes is often characterized by such a parameter as system performance in floating-point calculations. It is measured in teraflop. The higher this parameter is, the better.

Formats – specifies all video, audio, and picture formats the device can play. The most popular formats are MP3, WMA, JPEG. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles support HD video.

Operating time – this characteristic is important for portable consoles working on Li-Ion batteries of their own format.


In terms of interfaces and communications, the difference between the PlayStation 5 and 4 is visible to the naked eye. Even a person who knows almost nothing about technology will immediately understand who has an unqualified advantage in this comparison.

But first, about the chip that the PS5 is missing. The trend of abandoning the audio jack has made its way to the console market. The head of Sony Interactive Jim Ryan during the presentation did not focus on this point, but users know that the USB Type-C port can completely replace the analog jack. So without their favorite headphones, gamers who bought the fifth “Patch” will not be left. And they will also be able to connect other equipment like external acoustics.

If you choose by the criterion of affordability, the clear leader will be PS5. If money is not tight, then leave without a doubt a full-fledged PS4 with a disk drive. Let him and it seems weaker, but most often the purchase of discs with the games you want is cheaper than a subscription to the game in the conditional PS4, most of which you never run. Also, a lot will depend on personal preference. Practice shows that Sony fans are not burning desire to switch from PS4 to PS5 and vice versa. Well, do not forget about the availability, right now you can not just take, go to the store and buy the right console because of the shortage. There were too many pre-orders, too few consoles shipped at launch.