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Shopify SEO: Tips and Advice to Boost Sales

Setting up your online store is easy with Shopify, one of the fastest-growing, Cloud-based e-commerce platforms on the market. The usability of Shopify is one of their most impressive qualities, but it isn’t just about setting up your store.

What is your strategy for ranking higher in a Google search, driving more organic traffic to your store, or boosting sales?

Improving your Shopify store’s Google ranking begins with your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Most people cringe when they hear the word SEO because it sounds so technical. Think of SEO as a set of principles used to gain more traffic and boost sales.

SEO tips for your Shopify store.

Shopify SEO Experts

If this is your first time owning an e-commerce business, you will want to have a competitive edge. Consider hiring an expert. A Shopify developer will help increase your sales and productivity. If you are still undecided, strengthen your e-commerce business with the tips below to bolster your reach.

1. Keyword Research

The right keywords will give you valuable insight into what topics your audience is searching for. Consequently, if you use the right keywords in your content, you’re opening doors to organic traffic and an increased online presence. You want to include keywords receiving a high volume of searches into the content you create.
Include your keywords in your store’s titles, meta’s, URLs, images, and copy. It would surprise you how people skip this step. The information you are leaving out helps search engines understand what the image and the website are about, increasing your chances of appearing in the image search results.

2. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is any action taken to rank higher with the search engines by directly changing code, so Google will see the website and be able to read it. CSS, HTML, engagement, and page load times are all examples. There are steps you can take to improve on-page SEO such as using only one H1 header per page. Well-structured content enables search engines to better understand the page.

Another way to improve on-page SEO is by having targeted keywords in your URL. This should take priority as you’ll see extra strings added by Shopify depending on what page of your site is visible. (e.g. ‘/about_me/’or ‘/products/’). We often refer to this last part of the URL handle as the slug. The slug should tell the user what the website is about.

3. Off-Page SEO

Every action you take outside your website to increase your rank on the search engine results page (SERPS) is off-page SEO. The practices implemented will drive massive amounts of traffic to your Shopify store. Brand mentions, content marketing, social networking, and newsletters are examples that offer the best return.

4. Technical SEO

These are the tweaks and improvements performed by an expert which enhances the framework and structure of your website for crawling and indexing. Broken links would increase the difficulty of Google being able to see your site. Page load times, duplicate content, and proper redirects are no changes a novice should make.

5. Local SEO

This is the practice of increasing your online store’s visibility locally. Your aim here is to rank higher on SERPs. A few tips to help you here are to have a contact page, claim and optimize your Google My Business profile, claim your social profile, and include testimonials.


Shopify’s built-in features combined with implementing the tips you see here will increase your Shopify store’s visibility. It will take some time to maximize your optimization opportunities, but with a little work, you will not only boost sales but achieve e-commerce success.

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