Shiny Tornadus Takes Flight: Niantic Offers Compensation for Raid Bug

3 Tornadus raid Pokemon go

Trainers across the globe can breathe a sigh of relief, as Niantic has acknowledged and addressed a frustrating bug that plagued Shiny Tornadus Raids in Pokémon Go. The issue, which prevented Shiny encounters for the Legendary Pokémon during its raid window, has been resolved, and Niantic is offering in-game compensation to affected players.

Key Highlights:

  • Shiny Tornadus was initially unobtainable during Raids due to a technical glitch.
  • Niantic has fixed the bug and Shiny Tornadus is now available in Raids.
  • Trainers who participated in Raids during the bug window will receive compensation.
  • Compensation includes Raid Passes, Remote Raid Passes, and Stardust.
  • Items will be automatically granted to affected players within the game.

3 Tornadus raid Pokemon go

Niantic Issues In-Game Goodies for Trainers Impacted by Glitched Legendary Encounter

  • Bug prevented Shiny Tornadus encounters in Raids for a period.
  • Compensation includes Raid Passes, Remote Raid Passes, and Stardust.
  • Affected players will receive items automatically within the game.

Details of the Bug and Compensation:

The Shiny Tornadus Raid bug surfaced earlier this week, causing disappointment and frustration among Trainers who had hoped to encounter the elusive Pokémon in its chromatic form. Niantic promptly addressed the issue, confirming the bug and working on a fix. Fortunately, the problem has been rectified, and Shiny Tornadus is now appearing in Raids as intended.

To acknowledge the inconvenience caused by the bug, Niantic is offering compensation to all Trainers who participated in Tornadus Raids during the affected period. The exact amount of compensation will vary depending on the number of Raids participated in, but will include a combination of Raid Passes, Remote Raid Passes, and Stardust. Trainers who participated in the Raids will automatically receive the compensation within the game, eliminating the need for any manual claims.

Trainer Reactions and Community Response:

While the Shiny Tornadus bug undoubtedly caused frustration, Trainers have expressed mixed reactions to Niantic’s response. Some are pleased with the compensation, while others believe it falls short of making up for the missed opportunity to encounter a Shiny Legendary Pokémon. Nevertheless, the swift acknowledgement and resolution of the issue demonstrate Niantic’s commitment to maintaining a positive player experience in Pokémon Go.

Moving Forward:

The Shiny Tornadus Raid bug serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by live service games like Pokémon Go. While bugs and glitches are inevitable, Niantic’s prompt action and willingness to offer compensation demonstrate a commitment to addressing player concerns and maintaining a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience. As Trainers continue their quest to catch ’em all, they can rest assured that Niantic is actively working to ensure a smooth and rewarding Pokémon Go journey.

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