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Seven ways to take your Photography Business to the next level

Running a photography business can mean that it gets difficult to stay at the top of your game. With constantly advancing technological innovations always changing the landscape of what you can do, keeping up and staying ahead of the curve isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

The good news is that there are several things that you can do to stay on top of your game and keep your output competitive. Whether you’re trying to improve an existing company or starting a new enterprise in photography, we’ve put together some top tips to help you take things to the next level.

#1. Upgrade Your Camera:

With the number of people taking up photography on the increase, picture quality has never been more important. To make it as a competitive photographer today, you need to be producing images that show off exquisite visual aesthetics, particularly when it comes to the framing and focus. Definition of any props or people that you use in your photographs should be absolutely perfect, so having the right camera is key.

Before choosing a new camera, it’s a good idea to sit down and clearly think about how you plan to use it. There is no point in paying for additional features that you won’t use. High-quality, compact cameras are a good idea for enthusiasts who take professional photographs as a side job, whilst mirrorless cameras are a step up, offering the convenience that comes from a compact camera along with stronger quality. For serious professionals, DSLR cameras are the best choice, offering superior quality lenses and the most reliable level of performance.

#2. Invest in an Online Portfolio:

Today, most photographers work with clients that have found them online. To take your business to the next level, investing in an online portfolio is a must. This will become your base for generating interest in your work, showcasing it, and providing potential clients with the information that they need when it comes to what you can offer them and how they can get in touch with you.

Your online portfolio is most likely going to be the first impression that people get of you and your work. So, it’s vital to ensure that you are invested in improving and maintaining it on a regular basis. Here, you’ll be able to show off your best work in addition to reviews and ratings from past clients who are wholly satisfied with the service that you provided to them. Make sure that your portfolio is regularly updated to keep visitors in the know about what you are up to with your work. Follow the link for some great portfolio examples to browse through if you need some inspiration and ideas.

#3. Boost Your Digital Marketing:

The ways in which you promote your services as a photographer are just as, if not more important than the quality of kit that you use. There’s no point in investing in a top-end kit if you’re not gaining exposure and showcasing your work to potential buyers. To do this, it’s important to invest both time and money into your digital marketing strategies.

If you are not massively tech-savvy when it comes to website development and search engine optimization, it might be a useful idea to pay a freelancer to help you with this aspect of building your business. In addition, your search engine ranking may also improve if you invest in social media advertisements, in addition to linked email marketing campaigns to your subscribers, with links directly back to your website.

In addition, gaining further exposure by posting examples of your work on all your social media channels and encouraging your followers to get involved in discussions on your themes, techniques, and styles, will also help to raise your online profile. If you enjoy talking about your work and its relevance to both art and society, generating debate and dialogue on these platforms is a great way to boost your connections and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

#4. Create a New Way of Storytelling:

Today, modern content marketing is all about telling stories that potential new clients can relate to. Whether it’s a wedding shoot, a family photo series or a new product that you’re hoping to bring to the market, telling an engaging story is crucial for generating interest in what you have to offer.

Custom photo galleries, slide shows, visual books, photo journals, and engaging video series are just some of the best ways to form a compelling narrative and make for some of the best shareable content to improve and increase your exposure. When you discuss a potential new product with clients, it’s a good idea to think about all the different ways in which you can use both your equipment and skills to demonstrate both the purpose and values of your brand via the technique of visual storytelling.

#5. Use New and Emerging Technologies:

To offer the best and most modern services to your clients, it’s a good idea to consider using some new and emerging technologies. One, in particular, is drone technology, which is becoming increasingly more popular amongst both photographers and videographers. As inventions become both more relevant and resilient, drones are quickly becoming a key part of any modern photographer’s kit.

Top-range drones provide high-quality, built-in cameras that shoot anything from 12-30-megapixel RAW, easy-to-use controls, and object avoidance functions to make shooting easy. In addition, new and upcoming photographers will be glad to hear that designs are becoming increasingly more compact and affordable, making it easier for anybody looking to start a photography business to invest.

#6. Make the Most of Travel Photography:

With an increasing number of people traveling around the world and sharing their experience via photographs, the appeal of travel photography has never been more relevant. As a photography professional, you’ve got the opportunity to out-do the average vacation photo-taker, using both your technology and creative flair to take truly professional, captivating shots.

If you need an excuse to travel more often, this is definitely a great one! Invest in journeying to locations around the world to take advantage of some of the best views, objects and buildings to photograph. Trek to far-away locations to boost your chance of capturing a rare image that truly sums up a particular place and time and adds unique interest to your portfolio.

#7. Brush Up Your Lighting Expertise:

Last but not least, don’t get left behind when it comes to your lighting expertise. Lighting has always been a crucial component of professional photography and telling stories through light and shadows is a very skilled detail of visual aesthetics. Many photographers today are interested in updating their lighting technology.

It’s certainly worth investing some time, energy and finances into advanced training in lighting techniques to seriously improve your profession. To achieve even more superb results, you might want to consider consulting top lighting directors who’ll be able to share their experience with you.

Today, building a professional photography business is no easy task. Investing in the best technology, building a stand-out website, and boosting your online presence to gain exposure is essential. Have you been doing great things as a photographer? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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