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Seven ways Businesses can leverage the power of mobile apps


Every day, more businesses are opting to have their own custom mobile apps developed for all kinds of purposes. Whether it be connecting with clients better through live chat support apps, or providing a more aesthetically pleasing digital brochure, there are so many ways to monetise and utilise mobile apps as a growing a business.

If you’ve been considering the possibility of having a mobile app created, you might be wondering whether it’s worth the investment. After all, while there are many success stories, there are also plenty of apps that have received very few downloads and engagement. How can you ensure that your app will fall on the successful side of the fence?

To help you get the most out of your venture into mobile app development, we’ve compiled the following list of ways you can leverage a mobile app for the benefit of your company:


1. Increasing Client Satisfaction

Marketing research has proven that companies with mobile apps are typically able to maintain higher rates of customer satisfaction than those that do not have an app available for download. Working with an experienced mobile app developer will give you some insight into how you can use various app features to improve the responsiveness and scope of your customer support. App development firms like Appetiser provide a free consultation so that you can get an idea of what they can do for you before proceeding. These companies make it easy to customise and fine-tune the appearance and functionality of your app in accordance with your client’s needs.

2. Making Information and Assistance More Accessible

Apps have a way of making everything easier, which is what everyone wants nowadays. People have shorter attention spans than ever before, with some studies estimating that you only have roughly eight seconds to keep someone’s attention before they begin to focus on something else. In other words, processes need to be quick and efficient in order to keep engagement rates high, which is why scroll-heavy social apps like Facebook and Instagram have become so popular.

3. Providing New Digital Services

App interfaces give you the opportunity to provide new kinds of services to your clients, which can make your company an appealing option over the competition. While such services could also be provided through a standard website interface, with more than half of all web browsing now occurring on mobile devices, it is sensible to make services and support available through an app as well.

4. Gathering Feedback and Suggestions

Apps make it easy for customers to leave reviews, complaints, testimonials, ratings, suggestions, survey responses, and other valuable forms of feedback while on-the-go. Not many people want to be bothered by a desktop pop-up these days, especially with pop-up blockers being the norm. However, in-app popups seem harder to get around, so when a box pops up asking for a rating, review, or another form of feedback, app users are usually inclined to comply for the sake of getting to the next screen within the app.

5. Increasing Revenue

Another obvious way businesses can take advantage of having a mobile app is by earning extra income through ad revenue, subscriptions, in-app purchases, download fees, and other forms of monetisation. Many apps that are free to download still make a lot of money for the company that owns the app, simply because they’re making money off of every user who sees or clicks an ad within the app. Any company that invests in mobile app development should consider implementing additional monetisation methods that can help increase the app’s profitability.

6. Promoting Brand Awareness

Having your app available on various platforms like the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App store will automatically give your brand additional exposure to an audience that might not have discovered you otherwise. This trickle-down traffic effect will help to provide a small organic boost in brand awareness.

7. Projecting Additional Professionalism

People tend to feel more comfortable when dealing with companies that have their own apps, as the company appears to have the funds and means to invest in mobile app development. Being able to say “Download Our App” on your website’s homepage adds a certain level of prestige to your online reputation. Of course, if your app doesn’t look that great then people won’t be too impressed, which is why choosing the right developer is so important.

Every Serious Business Should Get an App

If your business doesn’t yet have an app by now, it either isn’t very successful or it isn’t very progressive. Companies that fail to adapt along with the times fall into stagnancy and are often overtaken by competitors who are willing to stay ahead of the curve. With the price of app development being relatively affordable in today’s market, there’s no excuse for any serious company to skip out on having its own app. Even small businesses can benefit from having an app, particularly those that are trying to transition into becoming large corporations in the near future.