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Seven must-have features for a Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage offers the best way to protect business data and ensure everyone has easy access to it. Many businesses are taking advantage of cloud storage to access information across any device from any location. With all the different options out there, it’s important to know how to choose the right one. Here are the 7 must-have features for a cloud storage service.

1. File Versioning

File versioning allows you to edit files and data without worrying about losing anything important. Services with file versioning don’t overwrite old files when changes are made. Instead, they keep several versions of a file so you can restore an old, unedited, version whenever you want. This feature is great for businesses that need to recover information that has been overwritten.

The good news is that this is a fairly common feature. Many services support file versioning, but some of them only keep a limited number of earlier versions. Some cloud services will also erase old versions of data after a while. It may still be possible to restore a lost version though.

2. Automatic Syncing

Every business user will want automatic syncing from their cloud storage solution. Services with automatic syncing automatically update files in real-time to reflect any changes made to the file. This will be a lifesaver in the event that you forget to save and sync files before an important business trip or some other occasion like a meeting.

Having automatic sync on your side means never having to worry about the information being up-to-date. Everything is kept on the cloud in the latest version ready to go. Some cloud services allow you to schedule a backup to copy data to an external hard drive at a specified time too.

3. Collaboration Tools

If you’ll have to work together with employees then you need to have tools that support that. You need to have collaboration features. The extent of the collaboration features can vary between different services. A good cloud service lets you share files with authorized users across emails and direct links.

It’s important to make sure that files shared like this are kept safe. Look for a service that enables password protection on shared files and folders. Only people with access to the cloud storage should be able to access these important files.

4. Ability to View and Edit Files Via the Cloud

Being able to view and edit files directly is a key feature for business cloud services. It can be a real hassle to send files between different devices. As a business owner, you want to be able to access your files wherever you are and wherever they are.

Most cloud computing services do offer the ability to view and edit files across any device. This feature allows you to make edits on the go and have all of these changes synced across different devices.

Be sure to check ahead of time if the service offers these features. Some services require you to download the file to local storage, make edits there, and then re-upload the edited file. Having to do that is going to hamper productivity and it’s something you want to avoid.

5. Secure File Encryption

Storing anything on the cloud presents a security risk that you can’t afford to ignore. It’s possible that your private information could get compromised if the service doesn’t have the right security features in place to protect it.

Be sure to choose a service that encrypts information stored online. A great service will allow you to choose your own encryption key so only people with the key can decrypt and access files. At the very least, you want a service that allows you to password-protect files. Some services allow you to set different access levels for different employees, which adds extra security.

6. Flexible And Affordable Storage Space

Different businesses have their own storage space needs. Small businesses won’t need as much space as a large business. They’ll want to find a good amount of space for a good price. Some platforms provide limited space for a low rate with scaling options where you can pay more for more space. Other services offer a lot of space at a bigger cost but make scaling up cheaper.

The ideal cloud storage solution is one that can grow with your business. You should start out small with enough space for a few employees, but the ability to add more space as your business adds more people. Review the best cloud storage here.

7. Reliable Support

No matter how good a storage solution is, something will inevitably go wrong eventually. These tech hiccups can have serious repercussions for your business. Therefore, you need to choose a service that offers top quality round-the-clock technical support. Check the support options before making a decision.

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