Android gaming has been always loved, and you may find a plethora of new titles coming to Google Play. The classy games collection includes puzzle games, endless runner games, action games, racing games, fighting games and Strategy games. There are games suiting everyone’s need and taste. Puzzle games are loved by people of all ages, be it a child or an adult. Puzzle games help players build strategic and logical thinking concept.

Now coming straight to the point, here we are focusing on some superb puzzle games which you would not resist yourself from downloading and playing.

7Two Dots:

This free puzzle game is a hit in over 100 countries. The purpose of the game is to keep linking dots of same color with one another, thereby creating lines, bombs and fire fight. It is a terrific run game with the simple concept of joining dots. The game carries 910 adventurous puzzle levels, each having a different challenge to cope with. It is one of the best relaxing games to kill time as it has an amazing minimalist design supported by a soothing background music. No timer ticks at your head, so you can take your time in completing a particular level. The game is connected with Social Media Platform like Facebook. Players can post their high scores online and challenge friends for earning medals.

Availability: Android | iOS

6Cut The Rope 2:

Cut The Rope 2 is a very funny and hilarious Android puzzle game. The game has been upgraded with new characters, trickier missions and candy collecting techniques. You need to collect candies and earn medals to get access to special levels. The character ‘Om Nom’ breaks out of the box travelling the lush green forests and underground tunnels to grab the relishing candy.

Apart from collecting the candy players need to collect stars and fruits too, for completing a mission. There is an option of selecting your favorite candy and finger traces too. It supports high resolution, leading to ultimate gaming experience on your smartphone and tablet. Download this adventurous puzzle game as there are numerous surprises waiting for you.

Availability: Android | iOS

5CrossMe Nonograms:

Nonograms usually involve challenging logical puzzles carrying simple rules. Simple rules, still you need to think hard to achieve success. The aim of the games is to identify the hidden picture by filling the cells on the basis of the number mentioned at the side of each grid. A highly challenging game, but once you crack the trick you are through it. This game is also famous by other names like Picross, Griddlers, Hanjie and Japanese crosswords. This games is played worldwide and resembles the famous game Sudoku. Sudoku is all about numbers whereas Cross Me Nonograms talks about images which are far more interesting.

Over 1000 different nonograms are listed in the game involving animals, plants, buildings, cars, transport, food, sports, etc. The game offers three different sizes- small (10×10 blocks), medium (20×20 blocks) and large (90×90 blocks). With size, the difficulty level of the game also increases. The game is beautifully designed to provide the necessary exercise to your brain. There is no fixed time limit pressure to complete a particular level. In addition to this, you can even play Nongrams in offline mode.

Availability: Android | iOS


Another superb puzzle game which you would love to have on your smartphone. Refraction is all about using mirrors and prism for combining and splitting colored lasers. In between there are different environmental obstructions which players need to cope. There are distinct 120 levels – moving from easy to hard levels. The game possesses superb graphics and an advanced user interface. Once the players start playing this puzzle game, they cannot resist themselves from continuing further. This highly addictive puzzle game uses logical skills and keeps the users entertained throughout the game.

Availability: Android | iOS

3Roll The Ball- Slide Puzzle:

It is a thought provoking fun game. You simply need to roll the ball out of the maze. It is one of the most addictive unblock puzzle game. Once you start playing, you would never like to pause. It is easy to play and hard to master the game. You need to keep moving the blocks with fingers to create a path for the moving ball to reach the red Goal block. Some riveted blocks can’t be moved, increasing the difficulty level thereby. But don’t worry, you can use the hints option in case you get stuck at a particular level. This game is apt for players of all ages. This game aims to provide brain exercises leading to an active brain.

Availability: Android | iOS

2Strata Free:

Strata is a unique puzzle game proving best 2D visual experience. This elegant and challenging puzzle game supports sophisticated sound and has an appealing color canvas. To complete a level, players need to strategically match the colored ribbons by creating a pattern. Each move must be strategized properly so that the mission is successfully accomplished. With increasing levels, Strata increases the level of difficulty too. Strata is a very simple and addictive puzzle game attracting players of all ages. A must have puzzle game which everyone would surely enjoy playing.

Availability: Android

1Bejeweled Stars:

It is match-3 game claiming to provide the best experience than ever. You can play this game your way and earn rewards. You need to combine sparkling jewels, create powers, and uncover collectible charms to express yourself. The journey is full of explosions and unique challenges which you need to overcome. You can master this game by enhancing your matching strategy and rescuing floating butterflies before they vanish away into the sky. You can track your performance through the leader board of each level and easily compete with friends. This puzzle game is very interesting and entertaining. Excitement increases higher level by level. Download and start playing.

Availability: Android | iOS


The above-mentioned puzzle games are best out of the entire chunk available for game lovers. Each game has different missions and rules. I hope you would love these super thrilling puzzle games and give your brains a complete exercise session every day. Higher the game level, higher mental exercise is enforced. All the games are a complete learning package that helps in quick brain development. Parents should encourage children to spend some time to play mind development puzzle games apart from fighting thriller games. Google play and iTunes has a vast collection of amazing games serving the requirements of all. Happy Gaming!!!