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Seven essential accessories every PC Gamer needs

A gaming computer is so much more than a computer that plays games. These computers are important hardware products and projects that can – and should – last for years. Even a sturdy gaming PC with an incredible tempered glass PC case will need some maintenance so that it doesn’t break down.

Whether you’re something of a hardcore competitive gamer or some more casual interested in playing some games with friends, there are several accessories that can take your gaming experience to the next level. Some of these accessories will also extend the life of your computer and are worth it for that.

Different products can meet your gaming needs and some of them are better at it than others. From mechanical keyboards to mouse mats and headsets, every component and accessory play some kind of important role in the overall computer gaming setup. Here are 7 essential accessories every PC gamer needs. Keep in mind this by no means a comprehensive list of everything you might want!


The nice thing about mousepads and mouse mats is that they are available in all different shapes and sizes to suit the individual preferences of gamers. All the same, it’s recommended that you use some kind of extended mousepad. You want a mousepad that can fit both your keyboard and mouse without any issues.

Having a large mat like that sounds cumbersome, but it means that you’ve got plenty of space to move your mouse without worrying about bumping into the keyboard. You’ll need that extra space for games like FPS games that demand low sensitivity and a large mousepad for more precise aiming.


A webcam is more important to gaming than most people realise. For a start, you’ll almost definitely want a webcam if you plan on streaming your games on Twitch or a similar service. Webcams are also great if you’re playing multiplayer games with your friends. It helps to be able to see everyone.

There’s a lot of choices out there for webcams. One nifty feature that is becoming standard with new webcams is a ring of lights that enhances lighting and image quality. These little lights make all the difference for live streams even if they are a bit excessive for Skype calls.


How many online games do you play in teams? With all of those games out there, it’s becoming more and more important to have a gaming headset for your setup. Plenty of games require careful teamwork. Apex Legends and Overwatch are just two examples. Both of those games also have voice chat built in for players to use. These features let you connect with your teammates and coordinate to achieve victory.

Much like gaming mice, gaming headsets are available as both wireless and wired options. Which one is right for you depends on your needs, but wired microphones generally have less lag. Different headsets also offer different levels of microphone and headphone quality. More advanced models have detachable microphones for when you just need a good pair of headphones to get lost in the action and don’t need to worry about team chat.

Headset Holder

Having a headset also means having somewhere to keep it when you aren’t using it. No gamer wants to have to deal with a cluttered desk. Between things like monitors, keyboards, and mice, gamers don’t have the necessary real estate on their desk to leave something like a headset just lying around.

If you don’t have a lot of space on your desk, or just want to save space anyway, then you need to have some way to keep things organized. The better organized your gear is the better it is for you. Things like headsets also need to be accessible so you can use them when you want. Look into getting a headset holder to store your headset when you aren’t using it. Some holders also double as charging stations for wireless headsets and are worth it for that.

Mechanical Keyboard

The average keyboard that most people use is called a membrane keyboard. They get the job done just fine but they have their weaknesses. One of their biggest weaknesses is durability. They can’t stand up to heavy repeated use, the kind of thing that gamers will do with their keyboards.

Not only are mechanical keyboards more durable, but the keys can be customized and made from different materials at different weights. The different keys also have their own switches and can be swapped out individually. These mechanical keyboards also offer a slew of extra features and combinations. Buttons on a mechanical keyboard can be used to change volume and lighting settings and can be programmed to run macros for more efficient gaming.

Gaming Mouse

Whether you prefer a wireless or wired mouse, there’s no denying that a mouse is an essential component to any computer. They are most important for gamers who need them to control games. The problem with using a mouse for gaming is that they have a limited number of options. That’s where gaming mice come in.

Gaming mice have more buttons and more options for players. These different options help gamers to exceed at different genres of gaming. For example, customizable computer mice work well for FPS games while more lightweight options work well for MOBA games. Assign spells and skills and actions to the different buttons on a mouse for more efficient and effective gaming.

Gaming Chair

Last but not least, gamers need somewhere comfortable to do their gaming. Gaming chairs are about as comfortable as it gets, which is helpful for those times you spend hours sat in front of your computer.

If you’re looking for a gaming chair, then you want to find one that offers plenty of back support. It should be comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. Some chairs have extra back support built-in and have leg rests and deep reclining options. Gaming chairs also have speakers and other things built in to enhance the gaming experience and take things to the next level.

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