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Seven Can’t-Miss Apps for College Students Living on Campus

Today’s college landscape is vastly different than it was even a generation ago. Campus-goers today enjoy smartphones, social media, and apps that enhance their learning experience. 

Whether this is your first semester or last, you should take advantage of modern technology in your academic pursuits. Here are seven can’t-miss apps for college students living on campus. 

The iPostal1app

After the novelty of living in your dorm wears off, those weekly trips to the campus post office can drain the fun out of receiving mail from home. Students chained to a campus mailbox should switch it out for a digital mailbox by downloading the iPostal1 app. The digital mailbox is an actual street location that intercepts mail on your behalf and uploads scans to the app. 

This option is excellent for students who plan to study abroad, as the app can take care of your snail mail while you’re busy globetrotting. 


We’ve all heard the stereotype of the chronically broke college kid. That’s why financial planning apps like Mint are perfect for students. Mint can help you keep track of where you’re spending the most money and help you adhere to any budget or savings goals you set.


Searching and applying for scholarships is confusing and time-consuming. That’s why Scholly is there to help you search for and qualify for scholarships while keeping you informed of all pertinent due dates. The fewer student loans you have to take out, the better, so don’t sleep on this money-saving app. 


Headspace is a mental health app that provides guided meditations for all sorts of life stressors. Between classes, work, relationships, and everything else in life– sometimes you need to take a moment to breathe and help handle the stress of it all.

Taking time to relax without guilt amidst all the assignments and social interactions is essential for maintaining your well-being. 


Phones tend to be one of the biggest distractions when it comes to studying. Using a productivity app like Pomodoro allows you to set timers, reminders, and study sessions right on your phone. 

Unlike a primary education, college requires self-motivation and scheduling to stay on top of coursework and all it entails. Apps with timers and other helpful gadgets can help you up your study game by eliminating your attention roadblocks.

Google Suite

Google Docs, Sheets, and Google Slides are free and convenient ways to finish homework and share it with your classmates. You can work on documents using your phone or laptop and access them from any device on campus, making Google Suite perfect for students on the go.


Networking and building a profile of your skills, accomplishments, and work history is the best way to help land yourself a job after graduating. Connect with your classmates, teachers, and even your school’s LinkedIn page to get ahead of the curve and develop a professional brand for yourself.

To wrap up

The college experience is different for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be constant and unmanageable stress. Don’t be afraid to search for useful apps to keep your life more organized. There’s an app for everything now, and technology is here to help you achieve a successful semester.

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