SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewIMG 2555 2 result scaled e1678865779902 SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewIMG 2555 2 result scaled e1678865779902

SENS Edyson 1 Smartwatch, Hendriks 1 TWS Buds, and MJ2 Neckband Review

A new technology company in India named SENS has recently made a number of announcements on the wearables side, including smartwatches, TWS, neckbands, and more. We tested the SENS Hendriks 1 TWS buds, the MJ2 neckband-style earphone, and the Edyson 1 first-generation smartwatch. These products range in price from INR 1,200 (the lowest price) to INR 1,800 (the highest price). We have been using all these three products for a week now and here’s our quick review.

SENS Edyson 1 Smartwatch

Key Specifications

  • 1.7″ IPS Panel (240×280px)
  • 150+ watch faces
  • Bluetooth Calling 
  • Relax Mode and sleep tracker
  • Wellness mode with Steps, Sleep, Heart Rate, SPO2 &
  • Menstrual Cycle tracking, & Relax Mode
  • IP 68 Rating
  • 220mAh battery (lasts 3 days)

SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewAVI09882 result scaled

The brand’s newest smartwatch on the market is the SENS Edyson 1. You will immediately notice this watch’s enormous size. It features an IP68 rating, a zinc alloy watch casing, a generic square shape that is extremely popular in the budget smartwatch market, and three color variations. A 1.7″ pixel-dense panel with a full HR sensor suite is provided on the bottom, with color-matched straps.

SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewAVI09873 result scaledThe watch utilizes an RTOS build and has more than 150 different watch faces in addition to a few minor apps. The watch supports Bluetooth calling, which is a feature that is increasingly in demand in low-cost watches. Aside from this, the Edyson 1 includes specialized features like Menstrual Cycle monitoring in addition to all the standard tracking modes. The sensor suite in the watch easily captures precise data of Steps, Sleep, Heart Rate, and SPO2 and lasts for three days with all the modes activated and for 12 to 14 days in standby mode.

SENS Hendriks 1 TWS Buds

Key Specifications

  • 10mm Graphene Composite Drivers
  • Auto Pairing
  • IPX5 Rating
  • Battery life: up to 30 hrs
  • Charging time: 1.5 hrs

SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewIMG 2552 result scaledThe company’s initial try at truly wireless earbuds is the Hendriks 1, and they are decent for the price. A really cheap pair of truly wireless earbuds would not include a carrying case made of zinc alloy, but these do. They also have a generic design but some distinctive features. These have silicon tips for a secure fit, 10mm dynamic drivers that fit on either side of the buds, and long stems with a sizable touch-sensitive surface for ease of use.

SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewIMG 2551 result scaledBecause they cost less than INR 2,000, the overall sound profile of the buds is flat, which is to be expected. Nevertheless, these do have a strong bass presence and a defined mid-range. The Hendriks 1 also supports multiple voice assistants, an IPX5 rating, MEMC mics for crystal clear calls, and a battery that can easily last for 26 hours (case included) for those extended listening sessions.

SENS MJ2 Neckband

Key Specifications

  • 12mm Dynamic Drivers
  • IIC Technology For Instant Pairing
  • ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) With SVVC (Smart Video Voice Connect)
  • Low-latency gaming mode
  • MEMC Mics
  • 24 Hours Battery Life
  • AFAP (As Fast As Possible) Fast Charging, 10 mins = 8 Hours Playback

SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewIMG 2546 result scaledThe MJ2 Neckband-style Earphones are the final item we have from SENS. These have a very sturdy build and were built using high-quality materials. They are available in three distinct colors. The buds accommodate 12mm dynamic drivers on either side and are reasonably large. The MJ2 has several features that have been given trademark status, including SVVC (Smart Video Voice Connect), IIC technology for instant pairing, and ENC.

SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewIMG 2547 result scaledMoving on to sound quality and performance, these are some of the best Bluetooth neckband earphones available. The vocals are as clear as ever and the sound quality is fairly good. With the included ear-tips, sound isolation is tolerable, and the wings can be used for a more comfortable and secure fit. We hear clear vocals because of the balanced overall sound signature’s slight lean toward the mids. The bass complements the highs and lows without being too dominant. The two microphones on these offer Environmental Noise Isolation (ENC), which greatly improves call quality and audio in general.

SENS Edyson 1 Hendriks 1 and MJ2 ReviewIMG 2548 result scaledThe MJ2s can easily run at 50% volume for 20+ hours on a single charge. These do have SENS’s AFAP (As fast as possible) quick charging technology, which can deliver 8 hours of playback with just a 10-minute charge and complete a full top-up in less than an hour.

The Verdict

For the time being, we are really impressed with the SENS Edyson 1, Hendriks 1, and MJ2. The Make In India movement and pricing are two advantages these devices have over competing products. The prices for the Edyson 1 are INR 1,799, the Hendriks 1 is INR 1,699, and the MJ2 is INR 1,199. These products offer good value for the price they are being offered at.