German audio company Sennheiser has just come out with their new Urbanite range of headphones that includes Urbanite XL Wireless, Urbanite XL and Urbanite in India. With the launch of these three new headphones, Sennheiser is looking forward to standing up to their promise of delivering uncompromising audio quality throughout the entire frequency range.

Sennheiser’s Urbanite series focuses more onto urban audiophiles who don’t easily get off with their faith in good quality music and fashion. Packed with stainless steel hinges, Sennheiser’s Urbanite series of headphones shows off its colorful fabric-wrapped headband for maintaining their user’s comfort level.

Urbanite XL Wireless

These headphones come equipped with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity in addition to its conventional bass quality and trebles. As we have been watching for quite some time now, Sennheiser has always kept working on integrating different audio technologies that would make their products last longer a bit.

The company has integrated apt-x codec that helps it boost the audio quality and performance level in these headphones. Additionally, Bluetooth 4.0 multi-connectivity feature makes it possible to pair with up to eight different devices, out of which two devices can be connected at the same time. This will let the users enjoy their headphones connected to both – smartphone and computer simultaneously.

Urbanite XL

The only difference between Urbanite and Urbanite XL is that they are on-ear and over-ear headphones respectively. The durable slides and hinges on these headphones integrate with super soft pads that let users enjoy their favorite music with a great comfort.

The Sennheiser Wireless XL costs Rs. 24,990 whereas Urbanite and Urbanite XL cost Rs. 15,990 and Rs. 19,990 respectively. We always have had a love-hate relationship with Sennheiser headphones since the past. However, we are looking forward to what kind of experience these new audio beasts offer when they hit our shelves.