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Sennheiser launches new sports headphones for fitness lovers

Sennheiser Sports Headphones Pc-Tablet Media

Sennheiser recently announced the release of Sports Headphones starting at Rs. 4,990. The headphones have the capability to deliver powerful sounds for the ultimate entertainment experience. The new headphones are designed to provide adequate bass, optimum noise isolation, comfort and accurate fit.

Sennheiser revealed that the new Sports Headphones are designed in such a way that it stick to your ear in a secure and comfortable way.

Moreover, the headphones keep you motivated throughout the playback period without fear of falling. Sennheiser Sports Headphones has an ability to tolerate rainwater and sweat with the help of SteriTouch antibacterial ear adapters and sleeves.

The headphone ships with an integrated smartphone remote and microphone, which enables you to listen continuously on the go using Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices.

The MX 686 Sports headphone, priced at Rs 4990, offers a frequency response from 18Hz to 20,000Hz, 30 Ohms Impedance and 120 dB Sensitivity @ 1 kHz.

Sennheiser PMX 686 Sports headphone, priced at Rs. 7990, has a special headband that provides an extra layer of security. It is manufactured using Para-aramid reinforced cable and consists of Oval-shaped cable.

The CX 686 Sports headphone, priced at Rs. 4990, comes with 20 Ohms Impedance, 118 dB Sensitivity with a frequency response of same value as MX 686.

On the other hand, OCX 686 Sports model, priced at Rs. 7,990, offers 20 Ohms Impedance with 120 dB Sensitivity with a flexible ear hook for security and comfort in addition to reducing cable noise.

Sennheiser has bundled storage pouch, cable clip and ear adapter set along with the respective headphone package.

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