Sennheiser launches its HE1 headphones in India at INR 45,00,000

Orpheus has finally found a suitable successor, as Sennheiser launches its HE1 headphones in India. Very well known and widely regarded for its quality audio devices, Sennheiser is on the prowl again. This time it is out with a high-end device on its back. The headphones will cost INR 45,00,000, but leave it to the German company to justify the price tag.

The HE1 uses a new innovative type of amplifier that has been patented by the company. According to the company, it combines the superior impulse processing of a tube amplifier with the low distortion of a transistor amplifier to perfection. There are eight vacuum tubes that process the inbound signal. The advantage of tube amplifiers is their superior impulse processing. The amplifier case is made of granular, in homogeneous Carrara marble which hangs freely around the amplifier. Certain features of the tube and properties of the marble reduces most of the structure-borne noise.The patented ultra-high amp stage is directly integrated in the output casing, further reducing unwanted noise.

The material appears to be of top notch quality. Sennheiser‘s statement said, “Each of the more than 6,000 individual components was carefully chosen, their acoustic characteristics were evaluated and finally the optimum combination was put together.

The specially designed and built cables consist of eight high-performance cables made of oxygen-free cables, coated with silver. That is something in the name of providing premium conductivity.

The HE1 has a frequency response ranging from as low as 8hertz to over 100 kilohertz. This gives it an ultra-wide response which means it goes far beyond the human hearing ability.

It is clear that the HE1 is a device of exquisite quality. Sennheiser’s decision to bring it to India speaks volumes of their market perception. Regardless of whether or not a common man can possess it, it will always be a joy to exist in a market where such an exquisite device is present.