SENA Leather Case and Dock for Apple Watch Review #MustHave4WatchOwners

SENA is an accessory manufacturer which makes stylish accessories for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more. The company just sent its Leather Case for the Apple Watch for review purposes. The case is designed for Apple Watch users as an easy, classy way to charge and store their Apple Watch while at home, or on their travels. I’ve been using this premium-looking leather case cum charging dock with my Apple Watch for quite some time now. And I must say – this a must-have for all Apple Watch owners.

Sena Apple Watch Case 1

To begin with, it complements the style of your Apple Watch. It’s very well-built, elegantly designed and looks classy. The case is made of premium European leather, and on the inside, there’s microfiber so that your watch stays protected while charging. There are three main parts to the case – a cover, a base, and the watch rest. All three parts are connected by magnets, so you can easily take the case apart when needed.

Sena Apple Watch Case 2

The case is made of premium European leather and on the inside, there’s microfiber so that your watch stays protected while charging. The Dock station is well engineered and provides great protection for your expensive Apple Watch.  Besides, it even gives your Apple Watch the style when it’s not in use along with the protection that it needs when you travel.

Another thing I really liked is its ability to be used as a nightstand or dock. Besides, the case even has a slot which lets you easily wrap around the charging cable for easy access when you want to charge your watch. And to SENA’s credit, they’ve designed the case in such a way that you only have to pull out as much length as you need.

Sena Apple Watch Case 9

All in all, the SENA Leather Watch case truly highlights the style of your Apple Watch while giving you a safe and easy way to charge it. Priced at $79.95 It’s just a simple case and charging dock which has been executed perfectly by SENA. Crafted using premium leather, this watch case is a great charging and storage solution for your Apple Watch. It provides value, protection, function, as well as style making it a great accessory for any Apple Watch owner.