Seagate Backup Plus harddrive review

Seagate released the world’s first ultra-slim hard drive, adding a new member to the Backup Plus storage family. Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim portable hard drive comes in two colors; gold and platinum, the one we got here is the gold one. Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim hard drive follows Seagate’s latest 7 mm HDD technology, the drive is incredibly thin; only 9.6 mm and weighs only 135 grams (lighter than my smartphone). The drive is available in two storage capacities; 1 TB and 2 TB.

At first, I thought that this drive is a portable SSD, not HDD because of this form factor. The 2.5” HDD is encased in a metal and plastic casing; metal on top is gold (or platinum) with “golf ball” like texture over it and black plastic case below it with huge Seagate logo and some information about the drive. It’s hard to believe that there is a whole 2TB mechanical HDD inside this small and slender case.


The build quality can be the issue here because the top of the drives flexes and stops on the mechanical hard drive inside it which clearly shows that there is no cushioning between the casing and the mechanical hard drive. So, if you drop it accidently even from your desk might cost you a lot.

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is super thin making it ultra-portable and can easily be slipped inside your backpack or even in your pocket. If you owns a smartphone with 5.5 inches display and always keeps it in your pocket, then this hard drive won’t bother you in any way.

Seagate packed some goodies with this drive; 200 GB extra storage on One Drive for two years. Starting the setup from the drive will take you to the Seagate website to download the Seagate Dashboard software and register your drive.

Seagate Dashboard

Seagate Dashboard is a free utility to manage your Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim drive. You can create a backup plan, enable/disable the status LED and create thumbnails for videos saved in the drive (wait, what?). You can also share pictures and videos directly to your social network account like Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

Which then, you can install on your PC and use it for creating a backup from your PC, smartphone or your social media accounts. You have to install the Seagate Backup app on your smartphone to create a backup to the Seagate Backup Plus drive. Seagate should have made the utility a little more flexible so we can use it with other portable hard drives too. This software is only for Windows PC; you have to use the Time Machine utility for creating backups to this drive using a Mac. A driver is also provided for Mac users so you can read and write NTFS file system which helps in transferring large data from Mac to PC.


  • Capacity: 2 TB
  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Dimensions: 113.5 mm X 76 mm X 9.6 mm
  • Weight: 135 g

Although the Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim portable drive operated with USB 3.0 interface, it performed well. While testing, it reflected the read and write speeds as 124 MB/s and 121 MB/s respectively. Speaking of the price, the drive seems cheaper than it should be while providing lots of useful software and online storage.


Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim portable hard drive is for editors and professionals who always have to carry portable hard drives in their backpacks to work. This drive will take less space and can replace other portable hard drives. Seagate Ultra Slim drive 2 TB is available for Rs. 7,516 on Amazon and 1TB variant is available for Rs. 5,252, you have to pay a little more for titanium version.

Design and Build
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seagate-backup-plus-ultra-slim-2tb-review-ultra-portable-hard-driveSeagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim portable hard drive is perfect for editors and professionals who always have to carry portable hard drives in their backpacks to work.