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SDHC vs SDXC: Which memory card works faster?

SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity and SDXC stands for Secure Digital eXtended Capacity. Both these memory cards are exactly same in form factor and weight, but there are some features and specs which can differentiate between both types of memory cards, let’s check them out:

Storage Capacity:

XDHC cards are available only with memory capacity from 4GB to 32 GB only because SDHC memory cards use the FAT32 file system, which is slower and limited to save a file only up to 4GB which means this type of memory cards do not support large files (above 4GB). SDXC memory cards are available from 64GB to 200GB, they use the exFAT file system which is much faster and supports large files.

Read/Write Speed:

Read/Write speed is a big difference in both types of memory cards. SDXC memory cards are 13 times faster than the SDHC memory cards. If you are a videographer and often makes videos with your camera, then you should choose the best memory card for your camera so you can shoot better videos. With SDHC memory cards, you can’t shoot a video with the best quality available on your DSLR camera (it will give you an error that this card can only support low-resolution videos) but with SDXC memory card, you can shoot video up to the fullest quality that your DSLR offers.


Every other gadget or technology which had extra or better features costs more. So in the case of memory cards, SDHC memory cards are cheaper than the SDXC memory cards. One more reason that why the price is different because SDHC memory cards are limited to 32GB only but SDXC memory cards come with higher storage capacity which is up to 200GB.


If you are a serious photographer then you should buy SDXC memory card rather than SDHC memory cards to get the best from your DSLR cameras or handy cams.