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Scientist Warns On Persistent Global Warming

About a third of the population worldwide is already suffering the effects of deadly levels of heat. The new study has confirmed that the climate change could worsen by end of the century. Some parts of the world will be affected more especially the tropical regions where the temperatures are already unbearable and this may get worse by 2100.

There are deadly heat waves that are experienced in some parts of the world including the American West that has had the frequent powerful heat waves. The scientists have been monitoring the trends of the deadly heat waves and they predict that if the global warming continues, more people will endure the deadly heat by end of this century and the situation will become more intolerable during hot seasons.

The latest study published in the Nature Climate Change journal indicates that about 74% of the world’s populace will encounter the deadly heatwaves even if there will be a reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions. According to the findings released from the University of Hawaii, about 30% of the world is already in danger of heatwaves.

Many people across the world are now feeling the effects of global warming and the researchers reveal that the situation is likely to get even worse if the emissions are not dealt with immediately. The body of a human being can only survive a certain amount of heat and if exposed to too much heat than what the body can endure, the results are fatal and threatening.

In the past few years, the intensity of summer heat has raised concern over the extensive temperatures that continue to rise each season. For instance, according to Business Insider, a city in India tolerated temperatures that reached 123.8 degrees, the highest ever in the human history.

The heatwaves in India caused the death of hundreds of people and destroyed crops. The American Airlines was forced to cancel flights to Phoenix, Arizona due to too much heat more than 120 degrees Celsius. Australia has also been hit by a brutal heatwave during this year’s summer and Red Cross warned that the heat kills many Australians than other disasters.