SanDisk Introduces Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 Starting at Rs 3390

SanDisk’s most popular Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 is now available with a storage capacity of 128 GB. The upgrade is expected to enhance the transfer speeds, and it will even provide more options for users when it comes to expanding the capabilities of their mobile gadgets.

SanDisk, the American Company is the global leader in manufacturing flash storage solutions. Through a Press Release issued on May 12, 2016, the company stated that they have expanded its mobile storage portfolio by upgrading its mobile flash drive.

The 128 GB SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 will be initially available in The company aims to sell the drive through other e-commerce sites too in the coming days.

Rajesh Gupta, Country Manager of SanDisk Corporation told that this new upgrade will provide the users an advanced storage solution to keep up with volume and quality of files which you are storing in your devices.

He also added that people in the modern world are always keen in embracing more advanced storage options for better content management.

“Our goal is to deliver innovative, intuitive offerings that help the audiences capture life moments without worrying about storage limitations”, said Rajesh.

SanDisk has even improved the performance of a 3.0 connector, and it can easily achieve speed up to 150 MB/Second. It allows you to transfer files from the USB to Computer in sky-rocketing speed.

The company has priced this USB Drive at 3390 INR.

SanDisk has also introduced the brand new iXpand flash drive for iOS devices. This device allows users to free up space on their iPhones and iPads. This stylishly designed gadget comes in various storage capacities.

SanDisk in its course of 27 years has emerged as a credible name in the minds of customers, and their new upgrade is also expected to receive positive responses from their esteemed users.